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I THOUGHT i was on Day 24... until I read my medication label :(

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Hello, as the title indicates, I THOUGHT I was on Day 24. I was SO proud of myself for not cheating and for sticking with it. Then it came to my attention that my medication that i have been taking four times a day has sugar in it. What?!?!?! 

Back story: I was having digestive issues for a few months, was prescribed questran (4 times per day), and was taking religiously as it was the only thing that was helping. My colleague suggested I try The Whole30 thinking my issues might be diet related. I did some research and decided this was for me! I found it odd that i was not experiencing the symptoms as outlined in the what to expect calendar (no sugar cravings etc). Then my son questioned whether or not the medication had sweetener... Yes, it does. It contains sucrose. 

I am frustrated and unsure what to do at this point. I was doing SO well, really sticking with the program. I have a biochemistry background and understand the science behind the program and why if you cheat, you need to begin over. At this point, have I even been on the program? Does anything I've done even count? I would say I need to start over, but I will be on this medication for an indefinite amount of time. Does this mean I just need to find a different program as this one may not be for me? 

I'd like to hear your thoughts.


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8 hours ago, SusanH. said:

I bet you don't even need that medication anymore!

While that's totally possible, it should probably be noted that none of us should be dropping prescribed medications without discussing the decision with our respective doctors... doing so improperly can cause severe problems, so I honestly hope no one feels so amazing on Whole30 that they just decide to get off medications on their own, particularly not before they've established a long-term plan which promotes health (rather than returning to whatever diet and lifestyle had them in pain previously).

That said, I do love it when dietary changes provide the template for breaking free of medications :) 

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