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Reintroduction for Lent whole 30 starting on Easter all welcome

ALM Grandma

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Come along for the Lent whole 30 reintroduction starting this Easter 2019. I am determined to have a very pure reintroduction to learn what my body can really handle to strive towards BFF! I am not reintroducing alcohol this time to keep my Sugar Dragon calm.

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some of my discoveries from two rounds of re-intro's and maintaining an "almost" Whole 30 diet all the time:

  • Legumes: any beans in their whole form gave me mild gas (sorry if TMI), but during my second whole 30 I realized I did not miss legumes at all, so never did that re-intro.  Hummus was more benign, and I like it OK, but if I must "dip" into something, I prefer ranch dressing made with homemade mayo, and when I discovered chipotle mayo, wow, there is NOTHING that doesn't make better :) So I honestly cannot remember having legumes since my first Whole 30 re-intro - which was August of 2017.
  • Non-gluten grains:  I did not discover any ill effects from non-gluten grain re-intro's, and the second time I tried to go a little overboard to see if I could get some reaction, and didn't notice anything.  However, the cumulative health benefits from doing my first Whole 30 were so dramatic, and by that time I had discovered and gotten pretty good at making different kinds of cauliflower rice, (I always loved real rice), that I just use cauliflower rice anymore.  But if I ever go out to, say, a spanish restaurant, I can order a big dish of paella with impunity :D 
  • Dairy: Again, mild digestive issues.  I've found cheese in reasonable amounts doesn't really bother me, so a small cheese plate or something like now and then is in my diet, but I try to keep it to a minimum.  And generally speaking, anything that I used to use butter in, ghee works as well so I'm good there. 
  • Gluten: Along with sugar, the main cause of inflammation that made my arthritic ankle impossible to run on (and several other inflammatory issues).  Diet change fixed that/those.  I RARELY eat any gluten now - xmas dinner with my family I had some of my mom's recipe mac and cheese, and maybe it's in my head, but my ankle is more sore than it's been in months.  Still, it was worth it, ONCE :) 
  • Sugars: I don't have the sweetest of teeth, but I can binge on sweets, so I mostly avoid sugar, especially in the more obvious places like desserts.  I mentioned the jerk seasoning I use, it is SO good, and there is such a small quantity of sugar in it, and it does not trigger any binge tendencies, so I don't worry about those types of added sugars.  Yet I still make my own breakfast sausage, since I only recently found a brand that has no sugar (Pedersen's) and it is kinda pricey.  I've found my balance on putting in the extra effort to eat cleanly, and having a maintainable lifestyle - since I eat my breakfast sausage pretty much every day (along with scrambled eggs, my roasted potatoes (similar to home fries), Trader Joe's Salsa Autentica (no sugar, totally complaint, and oh so good!) and avocado), it's worth the extra effort.  OTOH, I eat ketchup like once every 3-6 months, so I don't make my own.  An occasional paleo dessert is enjoyable, but I find if I don't start eating any sweets, I don't miss them too much. 
  • Soy: I cannot point to specific results from re-intro's, but I somehow feel fairly certain that soy was messing with my body chemistry so I avoid it completely.  It's taken awhile for me to get used to the coconut amino versions of soy sauce - it really doesn't taste the same, but it's good enough since I was never a huge Asian food aficionado anyways - so soy is out for me.
  • Alcohol: This is in the interest of honesty, moderate amounts of alcohol don't seem to have much of a short term negative impact on me.  However, and it's a BIG however, I sometimes have a hard time finding the off switch once I have a drink, so I am mostly abstinent.   I don't wish this on anyone :) 

Sorry for the length, but as I said, I've been experimenting with balancing optimal health and culinary enjoyment and cooking effort for quite some time now, and have found a place I'm comfortable with.   And I am enthusiastic about others experiencing some or all of the benefits I have.

And even after apologizing for length, I'm going to post the cumulative health benefits I've reaped, since I mentioned them, and  I'm pretty sure it's not a repeat for all:

  • I went from pre-diabetic, (with a busy Kaiser doctor e-mailing me personally to let me know how serious it was), to completely normal blood sugar
  • I reduced my blood pressure whilst getting off of meds for it
  • Triglycerides went from 3x normal range to normal
  • I mentioned the improvement in my inflamed arthritic ankle - the immediate lifestyle improvement of that cannot be overstated
  • I lost 40 pounds without increasing exercise or limiting portion sizes (I never felt hungry)
  • mild lifelong eczema gone
  • modest improvements in mood (specifically: depression, anxiety and anger) and sleep
  • rejuvenated my enjoyment of cooking, and learned to love vegetables.  Veggies used to be (mostly) toppings on pizza and sub sandwiches for me, no lie

All of these gains have been maintained for well over a year (16 months) now.  I still occasionally tease my friend who predicted I would start gaining that weight back within a month :D


Wow Jim4884 thank you! I'm on day 24 of my 2nd whole 30 and honestly my 1st reintroduction I started with non-gluten alcohol which awoke my sugar dragon and I never regained control of it. I am so very committed to honing a successful reintroduction with insights, like you have shared, into my own Food Freedom Forever! 

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Ok since no one else is here I'm going to  try and emulate Jim4884 with insights into my 2nd reintroduction.

Accidently exposed to canola oil, gluten and soy oil at hubbies birthday dinner out - fairly severe digestive distress. Took an extra day, 3 instead of 2, to calm my gut!  Will test separately to see which was the culprit. 

Legumes: highly suspicious of Soy so have not reintroduced it with other legumes, will do a lone.  Only slight gas after a large intro of beans, hummus and peanuts. I never eat more than one small serving a couple times a month so won't shy away once done with done with reintroduction.

Non Gluten grains: suspicious of canola and corn oil so excluded them from this reintro day. Otherwise, piled on the grains with no cravings, sleep disturbance nor bloating. Will reintegrate in my normal lower frequency.

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On 4/24/2019 at 4:55 AM, ALM Grandma said:

Accidently exposed to canola oil, gluten and soybean at hubbies birthday dinner out - fairly severe digestive distress. Took an extra day, 3 instead of 2, to calm my gut!  How do u test Canola oil separately without buying a bottle of canola?

Probably the best way is to eat out somewhere and avoid anything else non-compliant.  Most restaurants use canola oil, but ask to be sure you are "getting" some - so you can see.  

Personally, I just don't eat out all that often anymore, and when I do, I try to steer things towards olive oil; luckily as an old guy I tend to eat early, so restaurants are not so crowded then, so I don't mind being a little higher maintenance.  

My experience is that gluten and soy are a bigger problem than canola - but keep trying to discover for yourself.  Good job!


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