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Coffee and Shoes Whole 40 - I Believe I Can


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(whoops, that whole 40 was a typo but I think I'll leave it- I want to take my time adding stuff back this time and I may decide that 40 days is just what I need.

Finding my way around the forum. Last year in January I did a whole30 and it was so awesome, I stayed 80/20 for the rest of the time. I had tried them in the past, sometimes with more success than others.

I usually eat whatever during the week between Christmas and New Years and this year I couldn't wait for the holidays to be over so I could start Whole30.

Day 5

Last time I had horriable withdrawals for two weeks. So far I've had one headachey day and have been fine otherwise. I've had my "Hangry day" the day when I'm hungry and want to "Kill All the Things", Today I'm better but when I was outside cutting up a fallen tree and hauling off the branches, I found myself getting hangry, (hungry plus angry) and thinking ugly thoughts. I ate dinner and I'm better.

I am craving a beer, and I rarely drink beer. I'm not giving in, the craving isn't bad, its just there.

I travel a lot for work, have social situations that I "have" to eat at and that is my hardest thing. Yesterday was my first for this year. It was bbq, baked beans, cole slaw and salad and cookies.

I ate plain meat (the sauce was separate) and plain lettuce salad. I had not taken a good snack, so by the time I left work/worked out with a trainer and got home I was ready to eat someone's arm. I caved and ate bacon. I wasn't going to eat bacon this go round, but it was the quickest cooking meat I had in the house.

Tomorrow I'm buying grocries and doing "once a month cooking" so I'll have snacks on hand to keep that issue from coming up again. I try to keep homemade jerky and a fruit of some sort at work. And I have a frozen paleo meal there and some veggies, I just didn't eat enough yesterday day.

I haven't filled out a lot of info yet, but I'm a 40 something female and fairly active and have a mostly good diet. (I don't eat SAD or drink soda, and most of my friends think I'm crazy, I consider that a good diet)

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Day 6

Ok, today I feel like a stressed out bloated mess. (earlyier I felt fine, I think I need to go workout) That could be due to a lot of reasons, like I'm working on a big project that is a mess. And I have too much to do this week.

I just feel overwhelmed.

And I have no crutches. Well thats not true, I have my yoga and my meditation, that I NEED to do. And to just focus on what I need to do today, and what I need to do tomorrow and let the rest take care of itself.

Food prepared/meals planned for tomorrow/ check. (I still haven't been to grocery store- long story)

Things I want to get done/will get done this week.

Finish project

Log 21 miles run/walking

Teach two yoga classes

have two personal training sessions

cut up and remove a dead tree from my yard

take two fire department training classes (6-10 Monday and Tuesday nights, its sort of work related)

buy grocries and a new crockpot (mine has gone on walkabout)

paint my bedroom (two coats, one of Kilz, redo my bedroom floors,)

paint my bathroom. (I doubt I get to this and it makes me mad)

Work my full time job, attend two events on Saturday


and a whole bunch of chairity stuff

Lord save me.

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So far so good, the stress part is gone. Wednesday will be for sleeping ;)

seven days already!!! my that time flew. Last time I really was so miserable for two weeks that I was dreading that as I have so much going on rightnow.

Bought cooked chicken, raw spinich, black berries, blue berries and olives and eggs had a lovely supper.

That with my premade meals I made up the other day will last me through the next few days and on Sunday I'll try the once a month cooking. I never got to store to go buy a new crockpot but I noticed pork roast on sale so I'm definately getting one and doing a lovely pork. Maybe on Wednesday.

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Day 9? math confuses me :) Started Jan 1. So anyway, completely recovered from December's flu/plague/bronchitis of doom.

Have more energy, except did have afternoon slump today, think didn't eat enough. Have ramped up my workouts and was ravenous for dinner. Went to grocery store finally and got a few more things. "big groceries" this weekend.

Breakfast, veggie mix with two eggs

coffee with coconut milk

dinner a chicken thigh and spinich.

snack a banana and a tsp of almond butter (measured) (so can see NOT enough food)

went to gym and was starving after.

So dinner was:

I had bacon/shrimp/greenbean mix for dinner with alvacado, tomato mix and kale chips. Nom NOM

Have a giant pork loin in the crock pot, more nom nom.

So tomorrow? A third of the way done, already, already! woot that was fast.

I wish I could weigh, my butt looks better in the mirror, and I'm seeing some ab definition and I think I feel better, and when you consider my days are like 5 a.m. to 9 or 10, the sleep is the thing I'm needing now.

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I had the crazy eating carbs dream! Last night I dreamed I had a plate of food and I'd pick up something to take a bite, and it would be pizza, bread, or something else and I'd put it down and say "I'm not eating this." I felt strong and in control.

I think my butt looks better. ;) thank you personal trainer. I still feel bloated some days, butI think there is more defintion in my abs too.

I need more sleep. Working on getting to bed earlier.


coffee with coconutmilk

spinach, egg, flax, blueberry, coconut milk smoothie.

pork cutlet and greenbeans

pork roast and kale and avalcado

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Day 13- Woot! I feel good, and I *think* I have more energy. (seem to have a more defined "hourglass" shape) My bloat is gone and I haven't used an inhaler or allergy meds for two days. I usually get swollen itchy lymph nodes in the back of my head if I don't take allergy medicine.

Yesterday I spent two hours hauling the wood and cut off tree limbs from my dead trea to the stack pile and the "haul away by the city pile", cleaned house for a couple hours, cleaned a rent house for my parents for a couple hours and ran/walked for 20 minutes on the treadmill- worked up a nice sweat and I think I could have done longer, but no more time.

I navigated my week by listening to my body and going home and to bed Thursday night instead of out to eat. I also didn't go resturant Friday night. Makes things easier.

Today I"m buying groceries and I have decided to wait on the "once a month cooking" and instead do a crock pot chicken to go with the giant pork I did this week, and freeze individual dishes with meat and veggies separate. I am going to try califlower rice this week and get some squash for my spiralizer.

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I've had some crazy dreams but they seem to be stopped for the moment. Day 15 and its craving day. Craving cool and creamy like yogurt or ice cream. Chocolate might be nice too.I considered an avalcado with cocoa on it but that might be too close to a line. I'm letting the cravings wash over me.

Today was stressful- drove three hours in the ice and snow. Tomorrow staying home so I know will be better. More energy, but more projects too.

I crave

ice cream

something creamy like yogurt

peanutbutter or almond butter with cocoa in it



ciggerette (gross, haven't smoked in a while but I want one)

its a mouth thing i think, not a hunger thing.

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Woot Woot day 17 already. I want wine. Not today, but this weekend, or a cocktail. Will I cave? Who knows. I do know that my "fat pants" are baggy and my bloat is gone and some of my clothes are getting too big. In two weeks? yep in 17 days. I can see fat loss. My excercise level is great. And I'm eating great. I didn't do the make monthly meals but what I have done is cook a chicken in the crock pot (10 meals) and a giant pork roast (a ton of meals) and hog jowls and cabbage (no really it was a first for me) and some various kinds of veggies to mix and match. Its working, I have emergecy food in the fridge and freezer and last weekend I got a cute little insulated lunch box and lots of "fake tuppaware" to hold the meals. Tonight I made pork/onions and apples with some of the pork for dinner and an extra for tomorrow. and I made spinach eggs for breakfast tomorrow. (eating in the car, early)

Also I seem a bit more spacy than normal. ;/ not sure if its all the extra excercise or the stress of trying to do 8 things at once, ALL the time.

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Yes I caved for wine. I got 22 perfect days and then wine and a dinner that wasn't compliant. And then dairy. See it starts with wine. ;) Last week I had cake for a carb after running. bad coffee and shoes.

And I had issues with not sleeping enough/eating enough and the training I'm doing for a half marathon. I am back to 80/20 and working on getting back to 100 percent. I am gonna try another whole30.


My run time is 3 minutes faster. Now this is 3 minutes faster than four years ago, so a lot of factors play in that, but being mostly paleo for a year is a BIG factor in my book.

Down 10 pounds of body fat. yes, 10 -scale pounds and its all body fat. (based on before and after body fat) (that was in three weeks, I weighed after I ate off whole30 cause I blew it anyway.)


energy-scary, a freind asked me today how much coffee I had had,=answer? one cup, its just mind blowing energy. I do twice what most people do and the only reason I don't do more, is no time.

allergies- an issue once I added food back in. I need to rework this and find the culpret.

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I'm still not great at this forum. Last year I learned practicing for a half marathon and trying to do everything and do whole30 equals crash and burn after the half marathon high. I ended up stressed, exhausted and having to take frequent rest days. (from life) and a chronic hip pain caused from foot issue from running.


stil not sure if adrenals or what -- sorting it out with doctor. This year? a slower reintroduction to see where the issue lies.

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