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W30 v2.1 - Day 3

Lorna from Canada

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I guess that, because I didn't stray far or often from my W30 rules after my first one, this time around is easier automatically. However, I have noticed a few things:

After the great "chickpeas in babganoush" fiasco (7 days of W30 v2.0 wiped out), I went to Saratoga Springs, NY for a work event and managed to EATT including 2 glasses of wine both nights. I was already hyperanxious about the events that were swirling around me at this work event (it was crazy and someone ended up quitting in a dramatic fashion!), I figured a little wine couldn't hurt. Interestingly, it wasn't that great of an experience. I returned home to Hubs for our first non-jet lag evening together in 11 weeks and we shared a bottle of wine - last wine for 30 days since I was starting my W30 on Friday. 

What's interesting to me is how much I craved wine on that 4th evening - like, totally wanted it and was ready to throw in the towel on my 2nd W30 so I could have a glass. I had to do some significant soul searching (and recall of what a wine-free life has felt like and what wine does to me at 3AM!) - but YIKES. Holy Bat-mother - that was as intense a craving as I have had since Day 1 of W30 on January 3. I know wine is addictive and I don't use it as a medicator (okay, maybe a little in Saratoga Springs...) but, wow - that was intense. I persevered - put some ice in my extra large compliant almond milk and powered through. The next evenng was considerably better. I'll be fine here on forward but - wow.

The other interesting thing is that it is Easter and the shops are filled with treats. My colleague gave us all a giant bag of Lindt chocolate treats as we were leaving Sartoga Springs - including a large, gold foil wrapped bunny. Nada. No urge or inclination whatsoever. I left my bag for the hotel cleaning staff wishing them a Hoppy Easter and left without a second look back. Living sugar free is amazing.

Okay - that's it. Day 3 is underway and I am feeling back to what I now consider my new normal after suffering from the EATT craziness in NY - gut pain, constipation, heartburn - I attribute it to dairy (so much cheese!) and soy - 2 things I didn't reintroduce after my last W30 because I just knew it wasn't going to be good. Here's to successful label reading (erg) and full, satisfying meals!

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