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cholesterol levels now higher after 1 yr


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My wife and I started whole 30 about a year ago.  We were _very_ rigorous about it the 1st 6 mos.  2nd 6 mos not so rigourous but still much less sugar than we previously ate, and still no wheat/gluten and generally much lower refined carb levels.

We really liked the 2 eggs for breakfast (and sweet potatoes) plan, but I worried about the cholesterol.  Also, generally our meat intake was higher that it had been (although the majority was not beef).

However, science rules, so we had an NMR lipo screen done and we both came back with significantly higher cholesterol, TC about 15% higher.  That's a lot.  That's a lot for a multiple year increase, it's really a lot for just 1 year.

I'm still sorting through the data to figure out how bad the news really is, since the expanded range of data you get on an NMR lipo is going to take me a while to get through and understand.

So, trust, but verified.

Eating the extra eggs (and extra meat really) is not a "don't worry about it", sort of thing.  Go have your cholesterol tested, and track it.

We're going to drop the eggs and I'll report back in 6 mos, and we'll see what happens...


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TC is going to increase eating anyway close to Paleo. What you need to look at is your ratio between HDL ("good" cholesterol) and LDL (so called "bad" cholesterol, although science is starting to morph on this one).  TC increases because your HDL goes up which is fine. So look at the ranges for each type of cholesterol.


On ‎4‎/‎21‎/‎2019 at 9:13 AM, X5731 said:

Eating the extra eggs (and extra meat really) is not a "don't worry about it", sort of thing. 

btw - much of the fear surrounding saturated fat and dietary cholesterol is being dispelled with new studies out there saying those have no effect on your heart health. Sugar, increased insulin and increased amounts of inflammation in your body (and in your arteries) are the real killer.  

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I can remember one wise physician telling me years ago that "a number in isolation of other indicators is meaningless" - she was the last of a breed I'm afraid. We are a lab result obsessed medical community now - seeing systems as integrated and considering all factors that might be at play is so challenging and, sometimes, impossible, but ideal. It's just easier to react to an out of whack number and raise alarm bells. 

I'm really keen seeing the emerging research on the impact of sugar on our health - it's way overdue. Think of the advances we could be enjoying had the Harvard Scandal not occurred 50 years ago? Were my TC's to come back elevated, I'd be inclined to cut out all my fruit (my last source of sugar in my diet) to see if that made a difference before I'd strike eggs off the list.

Cheers. Hope @X5731 you're doing okay.

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I read a post on a site by BJJ Caveman which were his notes of a podcast/lecture by Chris Kresser and Chris Masterjohn. In the article, Masterjohn discusses this question and states that you must see an increase or decrease greater than 35 mg/dl before you can be 95% confident that the change is real. Entire article linked here. There are 3 parts, I linked to part 2. http://bjjcaveman.com/2015/03/26/chris-kresser-and-chris-masterjohn-on-cholesterol-part-2/

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