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Day 4 of my 1st and Feeling Foggy


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I made it to day 3 feeling good. I've been really good about planning out meals and even felt fine doing a fairly hard workout. I finally slept throught the night, which I hadn't done in 3 days.

I woke up this morning ravenous! I couldn't make breakfast fast enough, which was Scotch Eggs from the Well Fed cookbook. Darn yummy breakfast, by the way. Next time I need to add a carb tho. I had to run out the door to get my daughter to practice so I didn't take the time to have a veggie on the side. Very bad idea. I haven't figured out if it's just because I'm on Day 4 or because I started my day with no carbs but I've been in a fog all day. Like my head is full of cotton and it's been short wired.

Because of my weird day I'm not prepared for dinner. Making curried broccoli soup and have a chicken in the crock-pot but it won't be ready for at least another hour and I'm starving. But I will make it. I will make it!

One last thing to add that I'm so, so happy about. I've had an inflammed thumb joint for months now. I thought it was from typing and the fact that I have ligament issues. The kind where I can dislocate certain things at will. Not good. Anyway, I've been ignoring it and hoping it would go away. I'm only on day 4 and it feels measurably better! I can move it with almost no pain. And it's only day 4!! But I think I said that already. :)

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