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Invited to a Bake-Off at Work?!


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Hi all!

My reintroduction period starts May 1. On May 10 (Gluten day!), I have been asked to prepare a baked good for a bake-off at work - just wanted to check whether or not a few recipes would be recommended for a reintroduction day of gluten. Thinking of keeping anything I make vegan so that I don't have to worry about the dairy cross-contamination.




These all look okay to me, but I just want to make sure! I do want to do gluten day its due diligence because I have a sense that I may be slightly gluten-sensitive.

Thanks in advance!!

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The first recipe has cornstarch in it. The baking powder the others call for is something you'd have to watch, because it can contain cornstarch. The first recipe calls for oreos, and one calls for a vegan butter substitute -- those are things you'll have to check the ingredients on to see what's in them.

You might do better to try a paleo dessert, and get your gluten from some other source for your reintroductions.  (Maybe something like this:  https://elanaspantry.com/cinnamon-coffee-cake/ )

Or you could make a tried and true recipe that always turns out so you don't need to taste test it, and then just not have any. Or tell them you're unable to participate this time.

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