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Jaime's Whole30 - logging in on Day 5


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I started my first Whole30 on January 1, but have waited until now to log anything publicly. I didn't want to jynx my success during the first few days! A little superstitious, I guess...

I've made it to Day 5 and am holding strong. I've been reading up on paleo and just finished ISWF the other day, so here I go! I have various reasons and goals for my W30. I have Hashimoto's Thyroid Disease and my TSH levels have been whacked out lately. I also have joint pain and some rabid eczema I'd like to clear up. I've been down numerous roads in addressing all of these issues and I keep coming back to one road: Food. Of course, I have a serious sugar issue and am working on slaying that right now. I'd also like to lose a few pounds.

Here's my Day 5:

Meal 1: sage breakfast sausage (from the co-op, no sugar, pastured pork), 2 eggs over-easy, 1/2 avocado, kiwi

Meal 2: decontructed turkey burger (well, kind of)...tomato, baby carrots, pickle, olives, salsa

Meal 3: green apple, homemade macademia/cashew/coconut butter

I've been feeing pretty nauseous the past couple of days. I've also had the expected headaches, but they are getting better. No idea why I'm nauseous? Too much fruit?

I was nausous yesterday, too. Majorly.

Meal 1: sage sausage, spinach, eggs

Meal 2: cocoa chii with sweet potato and avocado, raspberries

Meal 3: green apple with almond butter, hard boiled egg

I woke up hungry both days and I don't feel bloated or anything. Just super nauseous with a mild headache. I searched "nauseous" on the forum and found a few posts, so I'm assuming this is common/normal. Fingers crossed it passes soon.

it's been fun reading up on all of the topics in the forum. Good luck to all! :)

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I really hope the Whole 30 helps with your health issues. From all accounts, it should! Make sure you keep us posted on your progress.

I'm no expert, because this is my first W30 too, but it seems like the meal 3s you described don't have enough protein. Also, if you have some green veggies with 'substance' (broccoli, green beans etc) i'm sure you won't be waking up so hungry.

As for the nausea, I've had it too, a little, even though I was almost compliant with W30 before I started. :(

Keep it up! :)

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Thanks, kitchenwizz!

My menu today:

Meal 1: sweet potato (1/2), 2 eggs, chicken sausage, 2 T. of guac and salsa over the top of it all

I felt super nauseous after eating. Not sure what it is. I went to workout -- treadmill and lifted weights -- and felt MUCH better after my workout.

Meal 2: chicken sausage and a spoon of macademia/cashew butter

^ Lame meal. I promised my daughter I'd play in the snow with her today and wanted to get out and do that before it was too dark/cold.

Meal 3: cumin spiced pork (from Practical Paleo), green beans, a few bites of sweet potato with cajun spices (pork and green beans cooked in coconut oil, garlic evoo drizzled over top at end)

I couldn't take the sweetness of the sweet potato tonight, so I stopped eating it. Weird. Understandable considering how I'm eating, but weird. :)

I'm doing a "cook up" tonight:

- cumin spiced pork (Practical Paleo)

- chicken thighs (Well Fed)

- swirly eggbake with ground turkey (Practial Paleo)

- cutting up veggies/washing fruit

- Creole yams

Other items to make this week:

- Moroccan Meatballs (Well Fed)

- Lemon and artichoke chicken (Practical Paleo)

I have friends coming to down from Amsterdam this week. They always bring me excellent cheese and chocolate. :( I suppose I should write them a quick email and let them know I won't be able to eat them...at least not for a while.

Noticings and successes so far:

- I've dramatically cut down on snacking

- Noticing I feel "lighter" both physically and mentally

- Is it possible for my hair to look better already? Or is it my imagination.

- No bloating. No "I'm so full I'm gonna die" feeling.

Here's to hoping my energy comes back soon! :)

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How did your cookup go? I haven't been organised enough to do that yet - usually just make sure I cook enough to have leftovers to freeze/eat the next day. The lemon & artichoke chicken from Practical Paleo sounds delicious, i'm going to look that up!

It was interesting that going to the gym helped you perk up - going for a walk when I felt at my worst helped me, too. Boosts the endorphins, I suppose!

I'm amazed too, that I can go without snacking now. Before, even though I was eating fairly healthily, I still needed something in my tummy every 3 hours or so.

It's great you're feeling those benefits already! How are you feeling today? :)

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My cook-up went really well! I'm sort of excited that I have many of my meals cooked or almost-cooked for the week! A note on the swirly quiche...be careful if you ever do it in muffin tins. I need to clean my oven now. :-/ It's really good though, especially with the sage turkey "sausage" I made (I just put sage, garlic, salt and pepper in ground turkey - does that make it sausage?).

I'm feeling really good today. This must be the energy they are talking about! No nausea or headaches either.

One thing I'd like to improve: eating standing up. I think it's a mom/teacher thing -- I'm both and always feel like I need to multi-task at all times. No, I don't. I can eat sitting down. I'm noticing that eating standing up leads to snacking, even if the snack starts off as a meal, I always get distracted and move onto something else.

Meal #1: two swirly quiche "cups" and a small handful of creole yams

Meal #2: garlicky chicken thigh, green beans, creole yams, salsa poured over the top of it, green apple, almond butter

Pre-workout snack: more creole yams (um, I might have to stop making these...trigger food?), a spoonful of macademia/cashew butter

Meal #3: pork, carrots, green beans in coconut milk/green curry

Thanks for the feedback everyone! Lovin' this. :)

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I haven't been able to logon in a couple of days, but I am still hanging in there! Day 10! :) I feel like i want to keep eating like this forever. I feel better than I have in a long time (maybe forever).

My cook-up meals are gone, so it's good to note that what I made lasted about 3 days. I'll post menus later after work. Tonight I'll either make the lemon chicken artichoke or the Moroccan Meatballs. Oh, and I've never gone through veggies so fast in my life! Cra.Zay.

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Hi Renée -- thanks for asking about the nausea. It's gone. :) It just disappeared and I'm not sure why! I bought a couple of Kombucha yesterday to have on hand in case it happens again.

Crazy week and I haven't been online much, but I'm still going strong on Day 11! I have a wicked cold, but other than that, I feel fabulous. I feel like my cravings are under control. I'm not living in a completely Whole30 or paleo house and I have been able to avoid all non-compliant foods. For some magical reason, they are just not worth it for me. I'm hoping to move all of us to paleo ASAP. I bought the "Eat Like a Dinosaur" book and plan to read/use it with my daughter. I'll check out the kids forum here, too.

I did a cook-up on Sunday and the food lasted until Thursday. I feel like that gave me some good info to help me plan for next week. I absolutely loved having pre-cooked chicken and pork for meals this week. I'm not a huge pork person, so that will probably be a once-in-a-while thing. I'll do more chicken this week and am contemplating pre-making burgers and/or meatballs to have ready to cook.

Also, I've never eaten so many veggies in my life. I actually crave them and like them. Whoa. :)

That said, I don't have many veggies left, so today has been light on veggies.

Meal 1: 2 eggs over easy, 2 spoonfuls of guac, a bunch of salsa, chicken chorizo sausage

Meal 2: cumin spiced pork, 2 more spoonfuls of guac, and a bunch of a salsa

See a pattern yet?:)

Snack (it had been 4 hours since I'd eaten): macademia/cashew nuts

Meal 3: chicken coconut soup with carrots

I promise to go grocery shopping tomorrow and buy some veggies. The other day I picked up some coconut butter, ghee, and coconut aminos at the co-op. Good stuff!

I love this Whoe30 thing!

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I plan to get groceries later today so I can change things up a bit and get back to eating more veggies.

Meal 1: eggs, guac, salsa

Snack: banana, macademia nuts

Meal 2: coconut chicken soup, carrots

Meal 3: some sort of meatball + broccoli and another veggie

I have not had as much luck at Costco as others. I've found coconut oil and the produce, but they must vary what they carry in their meat departments by region. No sausage or bacon that is compliant. There is organic beef, but not grassfed (or at least the package doesn't say it is). Same with chicken - organic, but not free range. I bought some, but I'll visit the co-op because I know they have it. Oh well - it's fun to shop around! I'll hit the co-op and maybe Trader Joe's for groceries this evening.

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I plan to do a cook-up today. I loved how it made lunch and dinner prep so much easier! Here's the line-up.

- creole yams

- mayo...even though I don't normally like mayo, I am going to try the homemade paleo version

- sunshine sauce (Well Fed)

- Garlicky chicken thighs (Well Fed) - 2 pounds

- Swirly Quiche with sage sage (made in muffin tin for individual servings) (Practical Paleo)

- Moroccan Meatballs (Well Fed) -- doing this instead of plain cooked ground meat

Meals for the week:

- Cinnamon Stew (going to try this in the slow cooker -- I'll adapt from the Well Fed recipe)

- Lemon Artichoke Chicken (Practical Paleo)

- Herb roasted whole chicken (slow cooker - a month or so ago I tried this and was surprised at how well it worked)

- Leftovers/Hot Plates/Cool Plates the rest of the time

I have plenty of eggs, compliant chicken sausage, veggies, fruit, etc. to bring it all together.

Workouts for the week:

- 2 Krank-Cycle Fusion classes (I teach them, so these will definitely happen)

- BodyPump class (group fitness weight lifting class)

- Hot yoga - vinyasa flow

- I'm going to try a Kettlebell DVD I have 1 day

- Treadmill or some other machine + weight lifting

If I'm brave maybe I'll try a bootcamp-style class. They scare me. :-o

Off to cook and plan!

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Meal 1: two swirly quiche "cups" (zucchini, carrots, homemade sage pork sausage, egg)

Meal 2: 4 Moroccan meatballs, a pile of haricot verts, creole yams, 1/2 green apple

I was super hungry, but not "hangry" (yay!), before dinner so I had a couple spoonfuls of coconut butter. I can see how this could be dangerous.

Meal 3: ground turkey, snow peas (or whichever is in the pod), carrots, coconut aminos, spices -- to make a stir fry, a few creole yams

Um, another 2 bites of coconut butter.

Kind of a stressful day and I see how a little stress eating came into play in the forms of coconut butter and creole yams -- both "legal" and both sweet. Very good to note. I wanted to go back into the kitchen, but I made myself stop. I am full and do not need the food. I've done well with stress eating so far, but it seems to have made a (brief) comeback. Gotta kick it to the curb, right?

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I think sweet potatoes might be a "food without brakes" for me. I'm super sad about this. :(

Still on board and completely compliant, but a little stress eating got in the way today. I used creole-spiced sweet potatoes as a crutch. I feel like I need to do back-to-back Whole 30s to work this kind of stuff.

Meal 1: swirly egg cups (carrots, zucchini, egg, sage pork sausage - homemade)

Meal 2: stir fry -- ground turkey, peapods, carrots, sweet potato + a pear

Snack: 1/2 avocado with salsa (this is where I was hungry + stressed and also confused on what to do)

Meal 3: grazed on creole yams/sweet potatoes as I cooked dinner....adobo roasted chicken, creole yams, one spoonful of coconut butter

Trying to relax and process through it so I can move on and keep plugging through.

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Waiting for the Tiger Blood to kick in. :)

Meal 1: eggs, zucchini, carrots, saged pork sausage, a banana

Snack (ate at 6am, lunch isn't until 12:15pm): coconut butter

Lunch: chicken thigh, creole yams, salsa, avocado

Pre-workout: a few cashews/macademias

Dinner: deconstructed hamburger (bison burger, big ol' salad), some olives

I drank a coconut water today.

That's it! :)

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Another good day - still on track. :)

Meal: hb eggs, veggies (peppers, carrots), homemade basil mayo (from paleo cookbook), banana

Meal 2: deconstructed bison burger/salad

Meal 3: chicken thigh, chicken sausage, veggies galore, basil mayo

I LOVE this basil mayo. I thought I hated mayo until I made it myself. :)

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Dealing with some nausea and, um, elimination issues the past couple of days. I'm still holding out hope for that Tiger Blood feeling and staying on track.

Menus have been similar, trying to up the quantity of veggies I'm eating as well as a broader variety.

B: coco-nutty hot cereal (from Practical Paleo), 1 egg over easy, carrots, bell peppers, basil aioli (homemade, paleo-style)

S: 1 bison burger - naked, 1 satsuma mandarin (so good)

L: garlicky chicken thighs, broccoli, basil aioli

D: thai coconut soup - chicken, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli

I might make some bone broth to try to help with my digestive issues. I bought some kombucha. I'm trying to eat slower. I went to acupuncture. I'm reminding myself that I am probably detoxing and I also have Hashimoto's, so my W30 might take longer...and I'm okay with that. Overall, I like how I feel and don't want to go back to my old way of eating.

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I wasn't thrilled with it either, but wanted to try something different because I've been so nauseous at breakfast. It didn't work. At all. I generally dislike hot cereal, but as I said, I was feeling desperate and thought I'd veer off my normal path of eggs, some sort of meat and veggies. I totally get how it could be a bad choice though.

My acupuncturist recommended drinking some lemon water before eating, but that didn't seem to help today either.

I felt better after the bison burger this morning, so you're probably right on the protein! Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it!

Change in dinner plans:

Roasted chicken (coconut oil, onion, lemon, sage, oregano, salt, pepper)

Green beans (garlic olive oil)

baked sweet potato

I had a Kombucha today, too (ginger - GT's brand).

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I don't feel nauseous today! I drank a glass of plain water, ate slowly and kept breakfast simple (2 eggs, chicken sausage, broccoli). I finished up the Kombucha from yesterday, too.

Still debating meals for today, but one will be Thai chicken-coconut soup and the other will be Melissa Joulwan's Middle Eastern Fish IF tahini is compliant. Going to look that up right now.


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Today went like this:

Meal 1: eggs, chicken sausage, broccoli, a bit of basil mayo

Meal 2 (wasn't feeling like cooking): chicken sausage, bell peppers, carrots, avocado, salsa

Snack: coconut butter, 1/2 green apple

Meal 3: thai coconut soup -- chicken, shitake mushrooms, shredded carrots, over green beans

Workout: walk-run on tredmill, lower body weights, core exercises

I'm feeling better. I hope it holds! My boyfriend made a good point this morning -- I've been sick with a wicked cold, working my butt off, and not sleeping as much as I'd like. It makes sense that my body might revolt a bit.

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Day 21. Still having some nausea and food aversions. Maybe it's stress? Lots going on here - I'm trying to keep it at bay, but I can "feel" it in the background. I woke up feeling okay, but when I felt hungry for lunch and started thinking of what I might eat, I started getting nauseous. Maybe I'm dehydrated? Maybe my "gut flora" is off? Maybe I need to be nightshade and/or egg free due to my thyroid issues (Hashimoto's Autoimmune)? I'll keep experimenting.

M1: 2 eggs, chicken sausage, shitake mushrooms, tomato, a bit of basil mayo

M2 - hungry, but grossed out by most foods, particularly protein: 1 egg, 1/2 sweet potato, 1/2 avocado, salsa, 1/2 green apple, a bit of almond butter (this also grossed me out)

M3: the plan is cod...either the recipe I posted yesterday or cod picatta (sp?) with artichokes, capers, and probably broccoli.

I'll workout today, but am debating what I'll do. I teach spin/krank tomorrow and Wednesday, so I'll try to keep it low key today.

I'm not sure I'll do a cook-up today, but I do have a plan for the week.

- bison chuck roast (found a recipe on Tom Denham's website) + veggies (carrots, maybe mashed cauliflower/broccoli?)

- steak and sweet potatoes + green beans

- Moroccan Meatballs - these were great and I froze some leftover sauce

- Best Chicken Ever. Ever. (the clothes fit the girl)

Lots of bison this week and frozen veggies this week. It's what we have in the freezer and I'm trying to "eat down" what we have. We'll have more variety next week.

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Still going strong. Some positives I'm seeing:

- eczema is clearing up (almost gone, actually)

- very limited GI issues

- increased energy

- balanced moods

- better sleep

- my pants are way loose :)

Feeling good! Nausea has been at bay for the past day or so - yay! I'm sure I'll figure out with more experimentation. :)

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I'm doing a mini cook-up on a Wednesday night. Why not, right?

Day 23.

M1: 2 eggs, and I don't remember what else...a chicken sausage, I think...

M2: cod, cauliflower, avocado, some basil mayo

M3: ground bison, compliant marianara sauce, mushrooms, carrots, basil mayo for the carrots (raw)

Post-Workout snack: nut mix (Macademia, pistachio, cashew) -- not many, some grapes

Workout today was krank-cycle fusion.

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