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I'm doing my first ever Whole 30. First ever no gluten, soy or dairy, or anything. I've always been anti-bandwagon diet but I'm kinda excited though. I was just recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's and there seems to be some evidence that at least some of my symptoms can be controlled by removing gluten, soy and/or dairy from my diet. I don't really want to give these things up but giving them up to get my old self back that doesn't feel like crap all the time is TOTALLY worth it.  I've read the book, I've planned my first 7 days of meals, tomorrow I go grocery shopping and do some food prep. 

I live in Colorado. I love riding my bikes and rock climbing (or at least I did when I didn't feel like crap), I run the day to day of largest bike racing team in Colorado (which kinda sucks when I can barely ride my bike at all and miss riding with my friends... my choice, they all swear we can go for an easy ride I just feel really self -conscience of where I'm at, and I was never anywhere closest to the fastest on the team in the first place). I love just being outdoors and active. And I wanna be my old self again.  At least I still can read tons, which I also love to do. 

Looking forward to connecting with my other May 1st newbies and supporting each other. 

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Hello! How is your first day going?

I hear you about not being able to be as active as you once were. I have chronic low back pain and need a wheelchair (which insurance just approved). It’s rough. I hope you feel better soon on your whole 30.

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