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Gail Lovingdale

Period two weeks early! Even while taking hormonal birth control...

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My period just arrived two weeks early even though I'm taking hormonal birth control. My period has been very regular for five years...I'm talking arriving exactly the same day and time like clockwork. Naturally this change is freaking me out. I'm on day 23 of the program and wondering if this is a common side effect? Could my diet really have such a huge effect on my menstrual cycle even while taking birth control? 

Any info or common experiences would help :)

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Hi @Gail Lovingdale - some housekeeping: we are not medical doctors and cannot give out medical advice here. If you are concerned you should always see a health care practiioner.

That said, depending on how different your eating is now vs before you started, it is not uncommon for people to see such a hormonal shift that it affects the menstrual cycle. Every signal in the body is carried by hormones as they are the body's messenger. If you are experiencing a large adjustment, those hormone messengers might be a bit messed up while trying to find the body's new balance. 

Take a peruse around the Ladies Only section, there are a couple very informative threads (long ones) that discuss rafts of experiences similar to yours that you may find enlightening.

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