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Day 1 - Apparently I am a lot more used to grazing than I realized. Guess it comes from the whole grab a handful of whatever before getting busy again.  I followed the food rules but I totally snacked on almonds and a banana.  Also veggies at breakfast are a problem. Bacon and eggs every problem. Im from the south. But we eat fruit, not veggies, with our bacon. Need to think on that. Lunch was shrimp and an entire bunch of asparagus. Dinner was bacon, a few grapes and a giant plate of brussel sprouts. Anyone seen the Big Bang brussel sprout episode..thats coming. I meant to have steak and brussel sprouts but I planned my timing poorly and had to leave before steak was done. I am full though and only almost killed hubby once (he spoiled Endgame) grrr. So thats it. I survived. Im planning to remove fruit for three days during week 2. A girl can only take so much. I totally think I can do this though! Yay me. 

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I'm a southern girl, too, raised on a breakfast of bacon and eggs with either grits, oats, or pancakes.

There are three basic ways that I incorporate veggies into my morning meal:

Melt cooking fat in a skillet (I use coconut oil and cast iron). Saute half an onion, a clove of garlic, handful of mushrooms, and handful of cubed baked potato. Add a handful (or two) spinach and/or other greens, and stir occasionally until nicely wilted. Add a few halved grape tomatoes and half an avocado (diced). Scramble 3 eggs in a bowl, then pour over and around the veggies. Cover and reduce heat. Cook 10 minutes and check to see if done (eggs should be fluffy and fully cooked), cooking longer if needed. (I think mine usually take about 15 minutes to get how I want them, but I check at 10 and lift the edges a bit to help prevent sticking.) You can easily add a bit of extra protein on these, whether that's bacon pieces or grilled chicken or sausage... or whatever.

Before Whole30, I never would've imagined myself eating my dinner leftovers for breakfast, it just wouldn't happen. I can't tell you how happy I am that it's changed. I love using my leftovers as the next day's breakfast. Whether it's meatloaf with roasted acorn squash and broccoli, or barbecue chicken with baked sweet potato and braised greens, or spaghetti squash "noodles" and chicken with "faux-fredo" sauce (a cauliflower puree that is creamy and oh so yum) served alongside roasted carrots and zucchini... I know that it'll fit the template and be filling, plus it'll have a starchy veg which will give me morning energy and help me stay full until lunchtime, so no snacking.

Breakfast Stew.
Similar to the idea of eating dinner leftovers for breakfast, I really enjoy a good stew in the morning. Something about having a big mug filled with meat, veggies, and a deliciously thick broth is just comforting, and it's a great way to start the day. My preference is beef stew, with tons of veggies and diced tomatoes, thickened up with pumpkin puree. You can spice it up for more of a chili flavor, but simple and hearty is just as delicious. I will say that this works much better (for me) on cooler mornings... because while still delicious, stew just isn't my ideal starter when I know it'll be 85+ before 10 am :)

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Sounds great! Just remember that bacon counts as a fat and not a protein. I had trouble initially with veggies at bfast too, but I found if I made a veggie hash that included potato along with other things, that it seemed more like bfast to me. I also became a brussel sprout nut. I made a lot of shaved brussel sprout salad with a mayo-based dressing and it became my go-to bfast veggie. I honestly ate it every day with bfast for over a year! Now I'm a little burned out and looking for new bfast veggie ideas. If you're eating eggs for bfast, try cooking up some tomatoes/onions/spinach/whatever-you-like in the pan before putting in the eggs. Omelets are an easy way to get the veg in. 

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I struggled hard with breakfast veggies for a long time too. Eventually, I found that scrambled eggs, bacon, and soup is  what works best for me! For some reason, a delicious, creamy soup doesn't seem so hard in the morning. So, I basically rotate these three (listed in order of my favorites): 

  1. Golden Cauliflower Soup:
  2. Silky Gingered Zucchini Soup:
  3. Roasted Carrot Caraway Soup:

Voila! Veggies for breakfast, in a format that hardly seems like veggies! :-) 

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