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Cinco De Mayo


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Day 0:

Starting the 30 tomorrow. This would be my 3rd 30 but have been totally off the rails for almost 3 years. At my all time heaviest and feeling really unhealthy. Although I succeeded going the 30 days twice before each time I totally blew the reintroduction and relatively quickly fell back into unhealthy eating. Have to commit to do this by the numbers this time or accept I’ll never achieve health and food freedom. Avoided posting on the forum previously so this is me forcing myself act differently and follow the program. lve gone public with a trainer, a coworker, and my spouse who are supporting. I need support from the Whole 30 community and to be held accountable.Id welcome the opportunity to support anyone as we make this journey 

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I will be starting on Mon. So I have returned my food with no brakes that are paleo, I have given my organic peas and corn to my neighbor, and I am going to freeze my coconut aminos teriyaki sauce for a later use when I re-introduce garlic. This round I am adding garlic, onions, peppers, tomatoes, citrus and coffee. I am using asafetida spice in substitution for garlic and onions and see how I like it. I am not going caffeine free but coffee upsets my stomach. I already have a lot of meat prepared and frozen from previous attempts at the whole 30. Tomorrow I will make up some kale, asparagus and roasted veggies. I already have cooked mushrooms, sweet potatoes, and spaghetti squash. 

My goals are

1. Be able to check the box that I made it through today

2. Keep the kitchen clean and dishes put away after meal prep and eating

3. Do my walking and physical therapies 4 - 5 times a week

I keep coming back because I know the program works. I have completed 1 round successfully in 2013 and had many failed attempts because I am addicted to the sugar and flour. My allergies are so bad now that it has turned into asthma. I have sleep apnea which also causes congestion that complicates my allergies and asthma. I am heavier now than I have ever been and just doing simple takes makes me out of breath. My back and knees are now starting to bother me. I also have difficulty sleeping and have low energy. I am in better health now than I was in 2013 so I am hoping for tiger blood this round which I never did get the last round. If it doesn't happen thats ok I just know to keep going and eventually as by body heals I will get there. I am also hoping to get to 3 meals a day and no eating before bed which has become a habit partly to help me stay asleep. Sometime if my blood sugar gets too low it will prevent me from falling back asleep. I know my allergies will get better because they did the last time and i was not only able to get off of allergy medicine but also my blood pressure medicine. There are other issues but I wont go into those.

My challenges this round are I have my birthday on the 20th, I am taking my niece to see 2 movies during this month and I have a kids movie event with food that I serve. The pizza is no problem to avoid because it will my stomach hurt and could cause vomiting. it is the dessert that I will need to give out. I need to make sure that I wipe my hands if I get stuff on them. I will need to make sure that I am well feed and have some type of non-sugary snack on hand. I need to really make sure that I am not feeding the sugar dragon with nuts, fruit and sweet potatoes, etc. I have found in the past that that has happened. 

@fmkmahwahnj I am right with you on the reintroductions. I never actually did one. I just went right back to eating badly. Have a great day 0 tomorrow. 

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So I didn't start today and am going to start tomorrow. For the first time I have made my self a calendar to put up on the fridge to track my days. I have just made my final check of the food in my fridge and pantry and gotten rid of all the ones I missed on the first go through. I have gone through day 0 on the Day By Day and also know what I am going to eat tomorrow.

I am so uncomfortable in my own skin right now and I know I will feel better once I get passed the first week. How is everyone else doing on their days?

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I did start today. Yay me!! I really wanted coffee today. When I am not drinking soda I want coffee but I am not doing both. So I have a chai tea that was compliant. This is what I had for breakfast. I mixed it you by adding broccoli slaw instead of kale. It was delicious. https://www.paleorunningmomma.com/breakfast-egg-roll-bowl-paleo-whole30/

Unfortunately I still have to clean the kitchen after I do PT. Here is the recipe if anyone wants to try it. I have to make my protein salad when I get home.  Later I will come home for dinner and then decide if I will got back to do more work. Hope everyone is doing great!

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Today I am very tired and wanting to eat bread and sugar. I am grumpy today. I am feeling worse than I was in April. I am wondering if that is because of the supplements that my Dr has me on for the Stealth Protocol. I am going to go to bed early tonight. Today my mind is very foggy today and I am just not functioning very well. I didn’t sleep well the night before so that could also attribute to me being so tired. I am hoping tomorrow is better but knowing how this goes I am not looking forward to what I am going to feel tomorrow.  I have had a large dinner but an hour after I am hungry. I am going to wait a while and see  how it goes.

Food for the Day

Breakfast: breakfast egg roll bowl by paleorunningmama with broccoli slaw instead of kale, 1 egg & 2 roasted potatoes

Snack: Epic meat bar

Lunch: Chinese powder chicken & romaine salad w/ sugar nap peas, carrots, cucumber, paleo ranch dressing

Snack: Rx blueberry bar

Dinner: meatloaf, kale, asparagus and potatoes

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