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Hello.  I bought The Whole30 book about a month ago.  I went to download graphics to announce that I started the program.  However, when I go to the website, as it states in the book, I am receiving the message Not Found, Error 404.  I tried in both Safari and Google Chrome.  Where may I download the graphics?  Thank you for your time.

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43 minutes ago, ladyshanny said:

Check out this link - I think it's what you're looking for:


This seems to just be the pdf downloads you can get from the Resources page. 

I found I Finished ones ( and January specific ones ( This article does have a Facebook banner and a square graphic for Instagram: But there was once a page with the graphics so you could download them in a few different sizes, and I think there may have been some other differences in colors or slogans or something. I can't remember now exactly what it had, but I remember seeing that page. 

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