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Body Odor


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I am wondering if this is common or if I am just lucky but I smell bad doing this! I feel like my sweat smells of meat and fat and its kinda gross.

Please tell me this is a phase and will pass..I am on day 5 and only noticed this joy today.

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And y'all are havin' a heat wave over there, too, right?

I didn't have that, I had the opposite - I started to think everyone else was stinky.

Here's hoping that it's just your increased sense of smell, combined with wicked high temps. Keep cool!

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You are what you eat is kind of true, the body deals with what it's given...if you eat a lot of meat and fat one day your sweat will probably smell a little bit like meat and fat. Garlic and onions can really come out in the sweat. I used to work with a guy who did the atkins diet everyday...he smelled like hot dog water.

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What Kim said. :) When I tried this out a couple of times before, I really laid heavy on the fats and meat and I smelled quite a bit more. I have also heard that stress can make us smelly too. But for me, I think it was not eating enough healthy, plant-based carbs. I have not had this problem this time around.

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Are you eating enough carbs? Going into ketosis from continual low carb will make you stink to high heaven.


So being "fat-adapted" on Whole30 is NOT the same as ketosis?  I clearly need to read more.



Oh! And hormones...it seems not matter what I do at certain times of the month, I stink. Hopefully I will get a bit more hormonal balance eating paleo.


Haha - probably TMI, but this IS the Ladies-only area: when I was breastfeeding my sweat smelled like damn MAPLE SYRUP.  Sweaty maple syrup.  It was the oddest thing.  And I wasn't taking tons of lactation supplements (which supposedly impart a maple-y smell).


Oh, lady hormones.


I was hoping this Whole30 was going to kickstart Aunt Flo but no such luck and back to BCP now. :-(

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