IHOP for mother’s day

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I'm not sure about IHOP, but we had Cracker Barrel at one point during my W30, and the staff was very friendly about making sure that I was able to eat. I basically told them that I was NOT allergic but needed them to treat my food as if I am -- to dairy, soy, gluten, all other grains, etc. -- and that I needed to know what would be possible in my situation. The server consulted with the chef and said that when there's an allergy situation, they'll cook the eggs on tin foil (instead of directly on the grill) and that they had olive oil available that could be used for the frying (any place that has oil and vinegar for salads is probably using olive oil for that). So next time, at least you have an idea you can ask about in case they don't already have an allergy-friendly way of preparing food!

I'm so sorry for your struggle. It's hard to try to stick to something like this while also trying to celebrate, but I applaud your efforts to stay as close to compliant as you possibly can! I hope you and your mom enjoyed your time together!

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