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End-of-the-week-freak Whole30 Starting 1/5/13


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Day 1:

So here is my log. I just completed day 1. Yay.

I was so skippidy-happy this morning. Shopped for coconut oil and duck fat at Whole Foods. Totally excited about the month ahead and conquering yet another physical challenge. Then the evening kicked my butt. I am so used to incorporating dairy in my pseudo-paleo lifestyle that it was really hard letting go of the butter and cheese. I'm using coconut oil instead of butter for frying eggs and veggies, but I really missed the goat cheese in my lunchtime salad. Plus, I feel really irritable and somehow unsatisfied despite being stuffed from dinner. Maybe I'm missing something, or maybe this will go away in a week.

- Breakfast: 2 eggs fried in coconut oil and black coffee

- Lunch: kale salad with carrot, cucumber, red cabbage tossed in olive oil topped with 1/2 an herbed chicken breast

- Snack: small handful of macadamia nuts

- Dinner: beef tenderloin and sweet potato with coconut oil and cinnamon

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Hiya & welcome. My observations would be that your meals are a bit small & not following the template of protein+veg+fat every meal. So veggies at breakfast, more veg at dinner, and give yourself that full chicken breast at lunch.

The antsy unsatisfied feeling is normal & should pass in a few dayss,

Good luck :)

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Today went sooo much better! I feel loads better about life and didn't have the same problems with satiety as yesterday. My big mistake of the day was not eating enough before heading out for a long walk around town with the family. I snacked a bit before we headed out knowing that I would probably be hungry before we got back, but greatly underestimated how long we would be out for. I was so light-headed and ravenous by the time we returned home. But as soon as I put down a quick lunch I was feeling back up to par.

Last night I had such a realistic dream that I was halfway through a Big Mac, fries and a Diet Coke before I remembered that none of it was on the plan. I freaked out while I threw the rest away ("I have to start over and it's only day 1!!") and was still freaked out for a few minute after I woke up until I realized it was just a dream. I was really amused at my needless anxiety and fried up some eggs.

Tomorrow is my first day of work on Whole30. I have plenty of food prepared to pack tomorrow (hard boiled eggs, chopped veggies, canned tuna) but I'll need to reassess halfway thorugh the week as I'm sure DH will have eaten most of it. No matter how much food I try to prepare ahead of time it is always eaten before I get to it. But I'm sure I'm the only one with that problem :)

Breakfast: (the usual) 2 eggs fried in duck fat + black coffee

Snack: 1 carrot and the rest of the chicken from yesterday + coffee w/ coconut milk

Lunch: ground beef, cauliflour and coconut milk; kale salad with homemade balsamic dressing

Dinner: steak, zucchini, coconut water

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Day 3:

I had "great success" at work with the Whole30. I forgot I had a huge tub of gum in my desk drawer but I was able to donate to a coworker before the sweet cravings got me.

I still felt a little unsatisfied. I looked over my eats from the weekend and saw that I had a really nice balance of protein and fat on Sunday, which was my "good day". Then I looked over what I had been eating and realized I was doing tons of fat but not nearly enough protein. So I think if I up the protein I'll feel better.

I felt really snacky at work (since that's where I do/did most of my "bad eating") so I kept diving into my lunch box. Then I was too full to eat dinner, so I packed my dinner for tomorrow's lunch. Kind of a win!

Other than the sugar cravings (mild and manageable), I feel pretty good.

Breakfast: 2 eggs fried in coconut oil, smoothie with berries, spinach, and coconut milk

Lunch: kale salad with chicken (cooked in coconut oil)

Snack/Dinner: handfull macadamia nuts, handful coconut flakes, apple, hard-boiled egg

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Day 4:

Pounding headache, short temper. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have now entered the "Kill All of the Things" step. I cut myself on a knife while fishing in a drawer for another (merely a flesh wound) and burst into tears. Sobbing, I directed DH to the band-aids. I can't wait until Saturday, when this madness will allegedly recede.

Before my Psycho moment, I found myself locked out of the apartment when I got home from work. I had a throbbing headache and felt sick to my stomach, and knew I needed some protein and a drink of water. I had too much fat again and could feel it. Rather than sit in front of the door feeling miserable, I went next door to the Italian deli and ordered just shaved turkey breast and a bubbly water. I asked for non-cured, just plain turkey so I hope that's what I got.

Breakfast: eggs in CO (this will always be bfast, btw)

Lunch: last night's beef 'n' liver meatballs & sweet potato fries

Snack: kale salad intended for lunch, hb egg, nuts & coconut flakes, the infamous sliced turkey

Dinner: chicken and frozen veggies

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Day 5:

Feeling much better health-wise, but holy crap are the sugar cravings in high gear!

I'm going to start updating over at my blog, munchiesnmarvels.blogspot.com. It's just getting overwhelming trying to update in multiple places!

Good luck, I'll keep checking in, and y'all be awesome and keep fighting the good fight!

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Day 8: Weekend Update

Warning: rant ahead.

I mostly decided to post because my cravings are off. the. charts. There are moments in the day where the desire to completely dive off the bandwagon and binge in carby delight is so strong I can hardly think. I took my kid to the park today, and every coffee shop or bakery passed seemed to scream at me to gorge on pastries. I'm not worried about my willpower at all. There's absolutely no way I'm giving in. But all of the strain is making me really, really cranky.

I can't help but go over and over in my head on all the things a week ago I enjoyed that are now off-limits. Wine. Cheese. Chocolate. Butter. Hubby and I are trying to plan a date night, and I'm pretty much going to eat dinner before we go out, and just order a green salad with no toppings because that's all I'm 100% sure is safe. Which I'm totally okay with, but psychologically it's killing me.

No real question or anything here. I just needed a space to vent. I know it'll get easier and I know I'll feel like a rock star at the end of it. I just thought by this weekend I would be feeling less crazy and it hasn't happend yet. I read some of the "sugar dragon" posts and was dismayed to find that some people it took 45-90 days to completely quell the beast. Holy crap Lois, I was not prepared for that. I fantasize now that on day 31 I'm going to gorge on everything I want with no holes barred. But I know deep down that when the time comes I won't sabatage all of my efforts like that. Besides, one of my goals is learning how to reward myself in non-food ways.

Also, my thirst is crazy nuts too. I was never much of a water drinker before but now I can't get enough. Maybe most of my cravings are thirst-related? Another water bottle down the hatch and we will see.

Ugh. Why cant it be easy nowwww?!?

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Day 13 Quickie update:

I am feeling so. much. better. I still have cravings, but they are mostly in the afternoon, and more like mewing kittens than full-on lion roars. I'm also being mindful of fats. I didn't eat enough of them before. Not because I'm afraid of them, but just because I don't think to include them in my meal planning. Chicken? Check. Broccoli? Check. Avocado? Oh yeah, I have some of those, don't I?

In other notes, I'm definately feeling more rested in the morning. A couple of days this week I woke up before my alarm ... and was okay with it! Clothes are definately a little looser and my face looks slimmer so all good signs that things are moving in the right direction. Plus, I'm in a fantastic mood. Happy-song-singing-in-my-head-and-chair-dancing mood. Hubby doesn't know who I am right now.

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Day 21 - 3 Weeks Down!

It's the little things. My hair isn't falling out as much anymore (before I was rivaling the dog in shed volume). My energy is steady throughout the day. The raging thirst is starting to taper. I'm generally in a Disney-song-in-my-head good mood. These are the happy changes I'm beginning to notice.

And then there are the Sugar Dragon tantrums. I think my brain is staging yet another sugar rebellion because I'm still obsessed with downing a bag of Reese's. Curious when the day comes I decide to indulge in a cup, will it taste as good as I remembered? Because the cravings never stop and given my history with sugar addiction, I'm considering continuing on to 60 or 90 days. Long enough to know the Sugar Dragon is dead. I'd hate to think I've peaked and indulge in some chocolate at a party or something, only to find that was all the Dragon needed to rally and reclaim its throne. I want this gone.

I know weight loss shouldn't be a huge deal and I'm not supposed to weigh myself, but the first couple of weeks I felt like I was melting and suddenly all of my pants became loose. But then I feel like I suddenly gained it all back, even though my pants are still loose. I thought my stomach was sort of flatening out, but now it's round again like before. Weird and a little dismaying. Maybe it's just "girl stuff" and my hormones are all out of whack.

Finally, lifestyle. It's getting so easy to whip together meals and plan grocery shopping. I'm starting to learn that I can buy coconut oil cheaper on Amazon than Whole Foods, that eggs are cheaper at Safeway, and whole bulk carrots at Whole Foods are cheaper than baby carrots anywhere else. Plus, I love taking advantage of the Friday one-day-sale at Whole Foods when they do pastured chicken or grass-fed beef. Yay, cheap(er) meat! I'm happy my son is such an eater and preferrs veggies over everything else I give him (he's 13 months and known to walk around the house munching on a whole apple) and I have the time and tools to serve Good Food for dinner every night. Even though hubby still has his booze and cheese in the fridge, he's been really supportive, mostly by letting me shop at Whole Foods with minimal complaint :)

And that's the Week 3 report.

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Day 30! *happy dance*

I'm "done". But tomorrow morning I'll wake up and have my veggie omelette in coconut oil. I'll pull out the Monster Salad with tuna and avocado for lunch, and hubby will grill up some steaks and sweet taters for dinner. I see no need to "cheat" or reintroduce or anything different than what I've been doing. Sure, I'll probably lighten up a bit when we go out to eat and just order the steak without worrying if it was cooked in canola oil. But I'm not going to dive into a danish tomorrow morning as I imagined I would a couple weeks ago.

I didn't lose weight (pants pretty much fit the same), my energy didn't peak dramatically, and my skin has always been pretty clear anyway. But hubby told me this morning that I look healthier and my body seems "composed" better. Most of all, I've learned how to eat. I can fuel my body and make choices that are good for me. And I can pass this knowledge on to our son, who's making headway into the Real Food world from the Land o' Baby Milkshakes (i.e. formula).

To be honest, I was a little bummy this morning that I didn't magically lose 20# or bounce out of bed feeling infused with "tiger blood". But after a thorough heart-to-heart conversation with the hubby I realize that my body has taken a beating for the past 30 years from the crap I put it through and it won't be fixed in just 30 days. I'm just so happy and grateful that I found Whole30 to help educate me and get me on the right path. It pretty much saved my life.

To be continued in the "After Whole30". 'Cause it's the beginnning, not the end :) (hooray for cheesy cliches!)

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