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Whole30, Take Two

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Day 31: Results

Scale: So I lost 8 points, which to be honest I'm a little disappointed by--I'd been hoping for 10-12. However, weight loss is going to be a longer journey for me than just 30 days, and a few pounds more or less now isn't such a big deal. The main thing will be seeing whether I can continue on a path to sustainable weight loss over a longer time frame. And I am hopeful that the eating habits instilled this month will help with that.

Blood sugar: My biggest medical reason for doing W30 is keeping my blood sugar in the healthy range.  I won't know for sure about that until I do bloodwork along with my annual physical in July, but I'm pretty confident based on my generally solid and stable energy levels this month that blood sugar is in a good place.

Skin: I have sensitive, breakout prone skin. It's somewhat clearer after this month, although not completely resolved. So a partial victory here I'd say.

Sleep: It wasn't until this past week that I've noticed strong improvement in my sleep. Now I'm getting deep, restful sleep--I hope to maintain that!

Joint pain: Knees and ankles somewhat improved but not entirely. Another partial victory.

Energy and overall wellbeing: I've had a few very low energy days this month, but mostly attributable I think to my daughter's bad ear infection leading to multiple wake-ups during the night. In general, though I don't have crazy "tiger blood" I do feel good and palpably healthy most days, so I'll call this a win.

Overall, my results were less dramatic this time than my first Whole30 a year ago, but I'll take them! Now, onward to post-Whole30 and continued healthy habits.

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