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This was the best thing that I could have ever done for my body. To be intentional of what I’m feeding my body and how I am fueling it has been an amazing experience. It was definitely uncomfortable but wasn’t “hard.” My eating habits pre-Whole30 were really bad - I’m talking about sugary cereal for breakfast, maybe another bowl for lunch (if I ate), and a Lean Cuisine or something along those lines for dinner. I also travel 100% for work, so many days, I just ate whatever was in the lounge - whatever that may have been. In the past 30 days, I’ve become proud of what I eat, and mealtime is now sacred for me. I feel better and I look better (down 8 lbs - which is significant for me). I’m going to continue for another 15 days before the reintroduction, but I want to encourage anyone to continue to see it through. I really didn’t get the benefits until after week 2, and since then, it has indeed been Tiger Blood. Good luck, everyone!

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