Trouble with timing meals--getting 4-5 hours between

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I am new to Whole30.  R1D15. Trying to get 4-5 hours between meals has been difficult due to my work schedule and workout schedule.  I understand that 4-5 hours between will allow me to be fat adapted but if I cannot, then will I not ever get to be fat adapted.  Breakfast & lunch timing is the most difficult.  Normally, I have breakfast about 8:30 am (while at work) and then eating lunch is anywhere from 11am-1pm depending on what is going on at work/meetings, etc.  So, there are days that I will eat breakfast at 8:30, then have to eat lunch at 11am.  Am I derailing any good with this timing?  Would it be better for me to wake up a little early and eat breakfast at home right when I wake up?  Now, add it pre or post workout meal and I definitely wouldn't have 4-5 hours between. I would workout about 3-4 hours after lunch but then eat dinner shortly afterwards.  My job is pretty crazy and prior to whole30 I would eat something when I could because I'm always running around.  I would eat good things but would not always have a significant meal.  Now,  I just want to make sure I am not doing anything that prevents me from this goal.   Anyone else have this problem?

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We would recommend that you eat within an hour of waking so if you can eat at home that would be ideal. Pre and post workout don't really count towards your meal timing because that is fuel used before and after a workout. 

You're not necessarily preventing any good but if you can eat a meal and then allow your digestive system to parse those nutrients to where they need to go and then have a little rest before the next meal, that's optimal. But with that, it's a recommendation and not a rule. You're still doing a Whole30 even if your meal timing for your lifestyle doesn't meet our exact recommendations.

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