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Okay so I'm trying to transition from a hardcore sugar addiction (like cupcakes for lunch) to a Whole30 and I know I have a severe candida/yeast overgrowth issue from obviously heavy sugar consumption. My problem is that many Whole30 foods cause bloating and vaginal itching, like nuts, undercooked/roasted cruciferous vegetables, and olives. I'm aware of raw veggies and nuts being disruptive to the gut, but I really enjoy olives and it's frustrating that some healthy Whole30 foods are off limits for me, at least for now.

Can anyone share their experience and advice for doing Whole30 with candida? I've seen my doctor several times on the issue and she just tells me to quit sugar and I've taken many rounds of Diffulcan which helps only in the short term.

Lastly, does anyone know if sweet potatoes are okay if I have candida? Many resources say that Candida thrives on sugar, which makes sense but that also potatoes turn into sugar too and therefore should be avoided if you have candida. I just worry that with some Whole30 foods being off limits for me, that as a result I won't be eating enough. Thanks!

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Hi @LindsayO - I think if I were you I would try and stick with as calm of foods as I could. I know you like olives but for now you may have to come to terms with prioritizing healing your body over eating something you generally like. I'm not sure about sweet potatoes, a google search will probably help there.

As for eating enough - you have all the protein options, all the non-starchy (cooked) veggie options and all the fats except nuts and olives. You can absolutely do this. If you are unable to include starchy veggies,  make sure you up your fats and protein as the non-starchy veggies tend to be low on the caloric load and you could end up undereating.

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