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Derval's W30 #5


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Today Sunday 6th is Day zero

A little about me, I'm a (recently) 39 year old sahm to Alex (9) and Lily (6) in Dublin, Ireland.

In recent years (started in June 09) I have taken control of my weight & health and have changed quite a bit!


In January '12 I decided to take things a step further and started this gentle introduction to the primal diet.

In April I was ready to give my first Whole30 a whirl. Since then I have done 3 more whole30's and one Whole21.

My goals for this round are :

  • Fruit will not be a snack or desert. That sneaky desert post could have been written for me. Same with nuts - no sneaky handfuls standing at thr fridge
  • I will drink water :ph34r: and limit coffee to 2 a day.
  • I will take my supps every day - Hair & nail vits, biotin, fish oil, magnesium, D3.
  • I will limit/reduce the amount of pork/bacon I eat
  • I will get the house under control using this guide
  • I will weight-train 3 times a week and yoga at least once a week

So today on my to-do list:

are make mayo, salad dressing, egg loaf

and do up a works schedule (see above!) and meal plan for the first half of the week.

I'm looking forward to eating clean & feeling great!

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Thanks for the kind words gals :)

First pic of the log! - my egg loaf which is 10 eggs, 3 grated sweet potatoes, 1 punnet chesnut mushrroms (which I regrettably processed to dust, silly me) and half a large bag of baby spinach (also processed too much :unsure:) . Oh and meat! about 500g of minced pork seasoned with Mel's sausage seasoning.

Also in pic is a pack of skinless boneless chicken thighs which I baked with evoo, s&p, and thyme. Will prob have these in lunches during the week.


Am going to prep this now but with a beef roast...Won't get 16hrs, more like 10 but I'm sure it'll be fine :)


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Best of luck to you on #5! You do look amazing already! I appreciate posts like these which reinforce that Whole30's are not diets - they are part of our lifestyle - we just tweak them here and there based on our current level of health and wellness. You're an inspiration!! :)

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Whoa, #5 Derval - your before and after photos rock! I'm cutting down on the amount of fruit I eat too. Maybe someday I'll be able to dive into an egg loaf - yours really looks good!

You've inspired me to post the goals I set for myself in my food log too.

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Wow Derval, you look fab and 5 Whole 30's is such an achievement. You always provide such great encouragement to other Whole30ers too so thanks for that.

That egg loaf looks great too, might have to try it.

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5! Good lord! Your pics speak for themselves as far as results are concerned - I think you may have convinced me to make my first w30 a w100 to get all the juicy benefits out of it! Keep it up!

For full transparency I have to point out that I didn't lose the above weight difference doing paleo. I lost it with ww, how I wish I had known about paleo back then! I could have felt like this while losing weight! What paleo and w30 has done for me is help change my body comp and make it easy & enjoyable to maintain my weight. And I'm sure I'm healthier too!

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5! Good lord! Your pics speak for themselves as far as results are concerned - I think you may have convinced me to make my first w30 a w100 to get all the juicy benefits out of it! Keep it up!

Lara there's a whole bunch of us on a Whole100. Look us up in the "Whole30 Log" section and join the fun!

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Day 1

Starting stats - 129.2 lbs...my usual weight, the one I seem to have settled in to over the past 6-12 mths is 126.4, so the Xmas season has had it's effect!

I also did my body fat on the scales and measured my tummy pudge.

I'm confident all numbers will be down :)

7.30am - egg loaf & avo, black coffee


9.30am - gym

lower body mobility x 2 - wah so tight again!

Box Squat 5 x bw, 3x5@18kg

DL, 5x35kg, 5x60kg

Upper body mobility x 2

Db Press, [email protected]

Negative chins, 3 x 3

Pallof press @ 6.25kgs, 10 each side x 2

and full set stretches

11.30am - coffee with coconut milk

12.30 mixed leaves with balsamic dresing & waldorf salad - chicken thighs, celery, 1 small apple, walnuts, mayo

500ml sparkling water with lime juice


4pm - 2 tbls leftover waldorf, 500ml mug lemon & lime fruit tea

5.45pm - Italian slow cooker roast beef & roasted veg (in the tray is butternut squash, mushrooms, onions, garlic, romano peppers, zuchinni)

the beef was ok, not great...good bit leftover which I will make into a pasta sauce for Weds...zoodles for me of course!

250ml glass water


So that's it for today... I will prob be climbing the walls for a banana or something sweet later....There's another couple of spoons of waldorf left, that'll have to do me. .

Thank you for all the lovely comments & support thus far :)

ETA 8pm - another 500ml mug of lemon & lime tea and my supps - biotin,D3 and magnesium, was planning to take hair & nails multi-vit but it had sweeteners & starch in it.

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Oh yay...more Derval food photos!! :)

Best of luck on number 5. I will say that I had quite a bit more 'off-roading' prior to this Whole30 too and wow...it's rough. I think it's much worse than my first one where I was a fairly compliant paleo before I started it. I hope your first week or so goes better than mine has!


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