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4 Month’s Post Whole30 Developed Acne

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I completed Whole30 in January 2019. 

Ive read a lot of posts about some individuals having acne before Whole30 and in some cases, doing it because of their acne and ultimately it helping a lot, mildly, or not at all  

Prior to Whole30 I never ever had acne. I mean most of my whole life never. Maybe a small handful of pimples scattered throughout my teens. But truly I always had clear even facial skin 

I noticed acne started to develop around day 16 or 17. My face seemed brighter and more awake but that’s probably because I was actually sleeping well.

Here I am 4 months later and my skin has only gotten worse  pimples and red blotches all over. It’s really depressing..I never wore face make up like foundation and now I feel like I have to because of how awful my skin looks.

I’m going to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist, but I don’t think this is just a coincidence. 

I cant help but think that I could’ve just not done Whole30 and continued to eat how I ate (which wasn’t awful to begin with) and this never would’ve happened at all. Like Whole30 triggered something and now there’s no turning back.

I just can’t find any other answers. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, did anything help? Any recommendations or ideas?..




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Is there something you added to your diet as part of whole30 that you didn't eat before, or something you used to have rarely that you now have regularly? 

I've seen people on the forum who figured out that skin issues were related to something like coconut products, which people ate before whole30 occasionally but then would have almost daily during whole30. I also remember a discussion where someone figured out that if they used certain coconut milks in containers with BPA, they had breakouts, but if they used the ones that came in BPA-free containers, they were fine.

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Thank you for your reply!

Unfortunately, no. I eat like I used to before Whole30. Nothing about the process stuck with me. Maybe mindful eating in regards to amount. But as far as what I eat, I eat like I did before. Which isn’t a lot and it isn’t a bunch of junk food. Even if it was a lot of junk, I could eat like that before and it wouldn’t have mattered. That’s why I think it’s a result of Whole30. Like it triggered some imbalance.

It sucks so badly

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17 hours ago, Sarah AS said:

Here I am 4 months later and my skin has only gotten worse  pimples and red blotches all over.


Is the acne localized around your mouth/chin by any chance?

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