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I’m suffering from major food boredom. I’m thinking a marinade/dressing to spice up my meat and put on my veggies would help. I can’t afford to buy one. I just checked my pantry and I have red and white wine vinegar. Unfortunately my balsamic is not compliant. I also have plenty of lemons, olive oil, and various spices. I have fresh rosemary and fresh oregano. Can any of you give me a good recipe?

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Maybe this one:

Or maybe a chimichurri: -- if you don't have parsley, maybe spinach or another leafy green? 

Or if you have ghee, maybe a hollandaise:

If there's something you wanted to make that called for the balsamic, you might try it and then if it needs to be a bit sweeter to taste right, add a bit of fruit juice or pureed fruit. 


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