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Post Whole 30/Reintroduction Log


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I’m making this log to go over my reintroduction process. I’m pretty sure I already messed it up but I’ll share my journal entries so far. Thank you all for taking the time to read and help me out in this process and answering my questions.

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Reintroduction Day 1: Dairy 05/16/2019

Breakfast 7:00 am

scrambled eggs with peppers and cheese, potatoes, sour cream, cholula, nut-pod creamer

Lunch 11:30 am

GVW30 Rosemary Chicken, Strawberry yogurt

Dinner 7:30 pm

Roasted chicken thighs, potatoes, coconut cashew sauce, hand packed pint of Braums chocolate vanilla frozen yogurt.

Energy 9, Sleep 10, Cravings 8

After breakfast my sinuses started swelling, and mucous built up in the back of my throat. I started getting that bad smell/bad taste sensation that happens with mucous buildup and/or gingivitis. After lunch I brushed and flossed again. It did not help get rid of the bad smell bad taste no matter how deep I gargled mouthwash. My cough came back pretty bad. I ended up documenting the ice cream the next day because, ice cream is one of the things that is really special so I wanted ice cream to be the last thing I did that day. I actually put down everything and removed distractions to eat that pint and it was good until the last spoonful.

Reintroduction Day 2: Friday 05/17/2019

Breakfast 7:00 am

pepper steak stir fry, cauliflower rice, coconut aminos, coffee with nut pod creamer.

lunch 11:40 am

GVW30 Rosemary Chicken

Dinner 6:55 pm

Meat sauce with peppers, mustard potatoes, pistachios

energy 9, sleep 6, cravings 4

I woke up with a pinched nerve in my neck that went down through my hand at 3:00am. I haven’t woken up in the middle of the night with that problem in weeks. I was able to fall back asleep easily when I payed on my back which is stranger because it’s near impossible to get comfortable enough to sleep on my back, but it relieves the neck/arm/hand pain. Also it’s noted the ice cream continued to exacerbate that cough I had mostly gotten rid of. My sinuses were still hurting and I was mucous-y. The most significant thing happened that evening. I experienced anxiety and paranoia that I had never experienced in years now. My skin was crawling, I jumped at every sound, and it felt like someone was out to get me, I took an anxiety med which I also have not done in years, but it made it better.

Day 3: Saturday 05/18/2019 Sugar by itself (a restart of sorts.)

Breakfast 7:00 am

meat sauce with match stick carrots, pistachios, coffee with nut pod creamer and a packet of stevia

Lunch 12:15 p,

herbed chicken thighs dipped in honey, mustard potatoes, pistachios

Dinner 7:20 pm

pepper steak, mustard potatoes, cholula, pistachios, peaches with turbinado sugar sprinkled on top

Energy- fluctuated too much today to rate, sleep 5, cravings 3

cravings got a low score because I really want that bowl of crunch berries I planned on for non gluten grains planned for Sunday but the reaction from yesterday was concerning so I’m doing sugar by itself and then in 2 days I’m going to the gluten free grains. I will get back to the sugar free dairy because ice cream is important, but so is getting my one experimental bowl of crunch berries. The cereal temptation is too strong in this house, but I expressed that this box is the one box with no gluten based grains in the ingredients and we all know how sick I get. As far as the day itself goes, the coffee was grossly sweet. I had to dump it. I got a headache and a stomachache. Stevia is out. At lunch I dipped my chicken in honey. It was delicious. My energy level spiked significantly and then I took a 2 hour nap. I almost never nap. I’m tired and unmotivated, fortunately I have a lot of leftovers and approved microwave meals. My knees are starting to hurt. Everything from the waist down is kind of sore. I don’t feel any anxiety, just kind of exhausted. I really just want to get this process over with because I’m tired of feeling like hot garbage, but there are definite things on the list I need to test. Corn tortilla chips also, rice, beans, and peanut butter. I feel like the peanut butter crunch had less ingredients but it was combining legumes with the corn/oat flour. The breakfast cereal is important because on occasion I like to eat it with my Saturday morning programming. I know I could choose “better cereal” but “better cereal” and the cereal I want to enjoy on occasion are two separate things. Unfortunately I have to go through other steps to get back to the cereal experiment because of the dairy incident.

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