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Day 7 report

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I hope you all don't mind me writing this down here, I'm trying to keep track of how things are going as I'm sure I'll forget the details by day 30!

Apart from one oopsie with sausages (as per my other post), I've been 100% compliant, I will be continuing to day 35 as a consequence but for morale reasons am still calling this day 7 :) (plus I would be massively surprised if wheat/gluten turns out to be my problem, but I guess you never know).

3 meals per day, only 1 snack out of desperation on a day with an 8h gap between lunch and dinner. Only drinking water, close to 2L per day, with the odd half cup of green tea (maybe once every 2 days). The meals seem to be keeping me full for 5-6h without any problems, though it took some time to get used to the "empty" feeling in my stomach and not think of it as hunger. I'm a chronic snacker usually, and am used to constantly having a biscuit here and a bit of chocolate there, result of stress/habit - one I'm trying to break!

I actually feel good!

1. The last 3 days I woke up before my alarm, and actually felt fairly energetic, whereas I usually have to drag myself out of bed and it takes me about an hour to be awake enough to function.

2. I've also not felt weak and dizzy and starving in the mornings the way I usually do (and by usually I mean pretty much constantly since I was a teenager, so we're talking almost 30y here). I've always had to have breakfast ASAP after getting up, and it usually involved something carby.

3. My skin looks much better  

4. I haven't been dizzy or light headed even once for the whole week, and that's usually 1-2 times per day occurrence. And no headaches either.

I'm mainly crediting the cold turkey break-up with sugar and coke (I was really overdoing both) for the improvements thus far! I'm still getting tired later in the day, but not as crushingly exhausted as I have been prior to W30. 

The only downside is that I'm pretty sure I've gained weight, and it's not just bloating - all my trousers feel tight over the legs/backside, which is not awesome but I can cope with it for a bit. Am considering reducing my portions slightly as the amounts seem to be working quite well for keeping me full - there are some meals when I'm not really hungry (but eat anyway), unless I've gone over a 6h gap.

Looking forward to the next 7 days! :) 

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