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Starting tomorrow (May 20) even though vacation planned?


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I might be crazy, but I'm starting tomorrow, even though I have two trips planned that will overlap my 30 days.  I think.  I'm pretty sure.  Just making shopping list now...  Yeah, crazy?

Both trips are painting workshops.  I will benefit from both if my brain is working well, which it's not right now.  I've had the oddest headache and severe afternoon fatigue for starting my third month now.  MRI etc, no brain tumor or other scary thing.  B12 and D deficiencies - being treated, seeing progress - but it's slow going.  My doctor recommended Whole 30, as I have other signs of inflammation etc. She said at least give up dairy, and if you could meet my Sugar Dragon - oh my, she's a beast.  Her name is Dammit Janet.

So - damn the torpedoes, I'm diving in.  I think.  Looking for feedback?  I figure I'm not going to get the most out of life, or these two workshops, if I'm half dead every afternoon anyway (my current state).  And the first one falls within the possible "Tiger Blood" days.  I'll have my own kitchen for both trips.  They're not eating type vacations.  They're doing things trips, with full day all-engrossing distraction.

And if I want until after these - that's July - with periodontal surgery scheduled, which means pain killers...  Seems like there just won't be a perfect time, so why not now?  And if I derail and have to start over, I start over?

Thoughts?  Suggestions?


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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Having your own kitchen for the trips should make sticking to your Whole30 totally doable!  I would just suggest making a meal plan for the days you will be there and making sure you are prepared overall.  Know where you can shop for food if you need to while you're there.  Keeping your meals simple will help too.  Remember, your only job is to eat compliant foods.  Let good enough be good enough :) Good luck!

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