Camping on Whole 30


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Here's a couple of articles that might help: and

And past discussions here in the forum: There are others, google Whole30 forum camping or something along those lines and you should find them.

If you want more specific tips, it might be helpful to say what this camping trip involves -- are you hiking and need to carry all your food? Will you be in an RV or cabin and have access to some sort of kitchen? Does everything need to be ok in a cooler, or will you have access to a fridge?  We have a wide range of people who participate in the forum, and they probably have suggestions to help your situation, but it might be useful for them to know what kinds of suggestions will be most useful to you.


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Yeah, a little more detail would be super helpful! I have done three-day backpacking trips and four-day camping trips while on Whole30 so I'd be happy to give some advice! But, what kind of camping are you talking about and what kind of supplies (e.g., stove, water, refrigeration/cooler, etc.) will you have access to?

If you're needing something more along the lines of a backpacking meal, here's a thread I've been maintaining with all the store-bought, Whole30-compliant backpacking meals I've been able to find:

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I think the best strategy is definitely to plan ahead! Plan your meals and even prep what you can at home. Having prepped veggies ready to go (and even some homemade sauces) will be super helpful. And of course pack plenty of compliant snacks just in case!

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