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We're having a work lunch at Uncle Julio's tomorrow and since this is my first week on Whole 30, I really need some help navigating the menu and making the right choices and substitute requests.  Was thinking Fajitias and making sure that the meat/veggies are cooked in olive oil instead of butter and having them put it on a bed of lettuce and skipping the tortillas, rice and beans.  They don't seem to have any salads on the menu, which seems weird.  Oh and bring my own whole 30 compliant dressing.  Am I on the mark?

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I'd suggest calling ahead to speak with someone who knows how the meats are marinated, because that can be non-compliant even if how they cook it is meeting your needs. Many marinades have some kind of sweetener and/or use something else that's out for us (like corn starch, rice starch, non-compliant oil, etc.), so it's always best to ask and be sure. If they're not compliant after marinating, see if they'd be willing to cook one up with just olive oil, salt, pepper, etc. so you can avoid the marinade ingredients but still get the meat for your meal.

Note: tell them to prepare your food as if you're allergic. That will probably see them laying foil under your food so it doesn't touch the grill, which will further prevent any cross-contamination from products you shouldn't be eating right now.

If none of their meat options are an option for you at this time, and they aren't willing (or able) to cook something up from scratch without marinade, see if they'd allow you to get a special-order salad with lettuce, tomato, etc. (whatever you want on it that works within the program rules)... and find out if they've got boiled eggs that could serve as protein. Since they don't have other salads on the menu, it's entirely possible that eggs won't be available, though.

Final thought: don't be afraid to do your own thing. If this is catered to your office, no big deal, just bring a compliant lunch if there isn't anything possible from the restaurant... if your office group is dining out, don't be afraid to look different by bringing your own food (or your own bag of boiled eggs and/or roasted chicken, if the restaurant can't provide you with what you need).


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