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Reintro v2.1 - Day 9 When Wine is Worth It

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My W30 ended 10 days ago - not that you'd notice if you were watching me. I've had just 2 moments of being "off-program" since then. I picked up a pralined bit of pecan that had fallen off a muffin and popped it into my mouth - so, a smidge of sugar has passed my lips :) And, one afternoon last week my mom and I had a glass of wine together on a lovely, sunny afternoon. 

Funny thing about that wine. I didn't really want it. I  could have passed on it quite easily. But, in that moment on that day, it was Worth It. After my last W30 ended, I spent days contemplating this concept of "Worth It" because I believe Food Freedom for me ultimately comes down to making decisions about food as opposed to falling back on old habits that don't serve me well. Like popping a bit of pralined pecan into my mouth without thinking about it. While it was the tiniest sliver of pecan, it definitely didn't fall into the category of Worth It. I'm not sure why I ate it. I'm glad I had no desire to eat the entire muffin! But that glass of wine that I didn't really want? Totally Worth It.

My mom, 89 and generally in great health, has a benign brain tumour that is making itself known. She has developed an unsteady gait, receptive and expressive aphasia, some minor memory loss and emotional lability (sorry - I used to be a neuro nurse - can you tell?) - in layman's terms - she's a bit of a mess. I'm her primary support and have been called upon to manage her care while we wait for the steroids to kick in and the radiation to begin. Last week, on a lovely, sunny day, I ferried her out to my Airstream (in which I am living as a way to be close by) for the afternoon. She was a lifelong traveller and owned several RV's so, I knew she'd enjoy it. She and I have always loved to chat over a glass of wine. She's not much of a connoisseur (she once famously stated "well, after 2 glasses they all taste the same!") but she appreciates the ceremony and specialness of having a glass of wine with friend and family. I had a beautiful South Australian grenache rose in the fridge that I've been saving and, that afternoon, with her tears and fears and my hope and care - it was simply the right occasion to crack that bottle and share it. Worth It.

Totally Worth It.


mom wine.jpeg

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