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I feel like I just can’t eat enough. I’m trying, but find that I often am not eating my first meal until late in the morning. I’ll just not used to eating that much. 


Ideas on how to do that? Should I just pop in a smaller meal in the am just for the sake of eating a “meal” at the correct time?


my other question is about fats. I know I'm not eating enough, and would love some ideas if you have any. 

Cannot eat avocado or eggs (so no mayo). I can eat olives but they’re not my favorite, so it’s hard to include them often. Other ideas?!


thank you. 

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I would suggest trying to eat your first meal within an hour of waking up. Even if you're not eating a full meal at first, try to eat something soon after waking, some combo of protein, fat, and vegetables. At first it might be a few bites, but as you get used to eating then, you may find you eat more. You could try having soup -- this one would have protein, fat, and veggies so you wouldn't need to make anything else to go with it:  https://www.ourpaleolife.com/creamy-chicken-noodle-soup/.

As far as fat, Google whole30 chimichurri or whole30 pesto, either of those options can be put over meat or vegetables. This sunshine sauce is good in stir fries or to dip vegetables in: http://meljoulwan.com/2009/07/21/sunshine-sauce/. Any oil-based or nut-based sauce, even salad dressings, are fats, and can be good with raw or cooked vegetables or on meat. There are egg-free mayo recipes if you want to try that. If you're making soups, add coconut milk to add fat. Toasted coconut flakes can be good on salads and vegetables, adding fat and a different texture.

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I agree on the eating shortly after waking, even if it's smaller than a normal meal would be. Also, coffee is a known appetite suppressant, so if you drink a cup (or few) in the morning after waking, make sure to eat before your first cup of coffee. Doing that was the biggest help to me; I was waking up at 5:30 and having my coffee, then not eating until nearly 8;30... eating at 5:45 and having coffee at 6:00 made a difference for me in getting my meals spaced out more appropriately and also just in general for helping me feel better throughout the day.

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