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Homemade chips vs crackers

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I guess I’m still not sure, if “chips” are allowed but only if homemade why I can’t have almond flour crackers, especially if I’m not eating them as a solo entity. I make almond flour crackers with almond flour/pulp (from my homemade almond milk), chia seeds, evoo, salt/pepper, garlic powder, and +/-Italian seasoning; if I wanted to eat it with the “protein salad” recipe or use it with avocado, tomato and a poached egg or as a vehicle for “Mexican tuna” topped with a whole30 compliant pico is that still with in the rules? Or is it a ‘no’ all together? 

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Just from my own understanding on this...

Homemade "chips" are just fried or baked vegetables, and vegetables are compliant regardless of how you're cooking them (as long as all of the involved ingredients are also compliant). Even if they're sliced and seasoned similarly to commercial chips, you're unlikely to get them to be exactly the same and most of us are less likely to fall into a "no brakes" trap with homemade chips, even if it's fried potatoes. That said, if chips are generally a no-brakes food for someone, it's likely a smart call to avoid homemade versions during Whole30 and/or to keep that in mind when considering their relationship to that type of food.

Crackers, however, are not compliant... regardless of the ingredients list. These fall under the "recreating baked goods" clause. When we eat crackers, our brains react to crackers -- they don't differentiate ingredients or healthy vs. unhealthy, even if we consciously recognize that we are eating something homemade with compliant ingredients -- a cracker is a cracker is a cracker. Even if you can brake effortlessly on them, they're still not compliant for the duration of the Whole30.

My suggestion would be to test out some new vehicles and see how they work for you. Sweet potato chips can be used for compliant nacho toppings, carrot chips could be used to scoop up tuna salad, etc.

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