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Lisa O.

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Hmmm... well, that's an interesting question. Clay coloured stools are not normal whether you're on a W30 or not.

Colour in stools comes from the bile secretions of our liver (and a bit from the food itself - who hasn't freaked out once after eating a big serving of beets??? but mostly it's a bile thing) Clay coloured stools could indicate that there is a bit of a blockage in the bile duct (which drains the bile salts from the liver (and other stuff from the spleen and pancreas) and gall bladder into the intestine) - a change in diet and weight loss often causes an increase in gallstones in the gall bladder which then block the exit from the gall bladder causing decrease bile in your stools - hence the lack of colour. This could be happening to you. Do you have any other symptoms like epigastic (upper abdomen) pain? 

My advice is to pay attention over the next couple of days and if it doesn't go back to normal or you have epigastric pain, to see your physician. Gall bladder problems are as common as dirt but they are no fun to suffer through!

I hope this helps.

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Well, take heart then! It could simply have been a bit of gastric irritation and inflammation keeping the bile from moving through the duct properly. Now that you're aware of all of this, you'll be better informed if it happens again. 

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your W30. It took awhile for my overtaxed physical systems to relax into the new regime but the results have been as amazing as promised!




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