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Stawberry Chicken and Avocado Salsa


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This was my first dinner on Whole30 and whoah! It was amazing! The recipe didn't have any serving suggestions, so I put it on a bed of spring greens. The salsa is the real hero here, and a definite keeper! I will eat this on its own and I think it would be great on an omelette or even on seafood. This salsa is spicy with the jalapeño and red onion, but also sweet and tart because of the strawberries and lime! You could easily alter it to your spice preference by altering the jalapeño content but I thought it was perfect as written. I used quite a bit of the salsa on top and it was so flavorful, that dressing was completely unnecessary. I made some iced tea using a combination of Earl Grey and Green Tea, and then added fresh strawberries and some fresh mint! It's gorgeous (as you can see below) and delicious enough to make for non- Whole30 compliant guests, they will never know... lol!






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