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7 Months Pregnant, Whole30 Day 1, Jan 6th


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Hello all!

I'm embarking on this Whole30 to reset my eating habits before baby comes in March. Looking forward to meeting some new people and supporting each other through this venture!

I had a rough start food-wise with this pregnancy, morning sickness lasted all day and is still present at 29 weeks. I'm taking medication for it now, so I don't feel the symptoms unless I miss a pill. The only foods I was able to eat for the first 1/2 of the pregnancy were grains, starches, and some meat... I just couldn't tolerate anything else. Now that I'm able to eat more normally, I decided to reset my diet with the Whole30.

Prior to the pregnancy I was a CrossFitter and runner. I ate somewhat paleo, with the sporadic addition of cheese and yogurt. I wasn't super strict, but very conscious of my diet and would hop on the strict bandwagon every now and then.

If there are any other pregnant Whole30-ers out there I'd love to hear from you! I have a blog that I'll post updates to as well as chatting on this forum. So pop by and say Hi!



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