Starting over only for deliberate mess ups?

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I read the article on starting over but just want to get some opinions- I am on Day 6 with no deliberate slip ups. I've been doing really well with no real side effects or difficulty but last night  I ordered a dry Greek salad and there was some feta on it. I removed all parts of the salad with feta but woke up feeling a little congested (which is either my "I ate too much dairy" or air pressure changes) and then today I had a lettuce sandwich after confirming all ingredients were compliant but almost immediately after I started feeling tingly in my mouth and a little sick (which is how I usually feel when I am having a reaction to a food but I've never been able to pinpoint what food I am reacting to- it might just be a reaction to too much sodium).

Should I start over since it is possible I've consumed non compliant food or should I just keep on since I didn't cave and eat non compliant food? The article on the website was geared more towards people who made exceptions or "cheated" and not specifically for ones who accidentally consumed something. I just didn't know if I needed to allow more days for whatever tiny bit of whatever to come out of my system.



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Your body doesn't know whether you deliberately chose to have some cheese or accidentally did. Ultimately it is up to you.

You could wait until day 30 and then decide, just tacking six more days onto the end so you have 30 straight days if you decide you want to -- sometimes by the time people get to day 30, they decide a few more days is not a big deal.

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