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Alright, alright...time to stop dithering and dig in!  I need to improve my relationship to food.  My M.O. is generally either going hard or going crazy :-[  I actually have to learn how to eat over a long time period without the endless cycle of diet, blow it, diet... Wow - original, I know!  I don't think I have food sensitivities or allergies, I'm here for the stability and the whole foods with the additional bonus of removing the sugar/sweeteners and alcohol which ALWAYS mess things up. 

I've read and reread all the rules and have my little Whole 30 Day by Day workbook to help me out.  I have salad, homemade compliant mayo, boiled eggs, coconut green soup and a southwestern ground beef and veggie skillet all portioned out and ready to go.

OK - so I've said it and it shall be done :-D

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Welcome, Jezza!

Even without food sensitivities, an elimination diet is definitely a good idea because it clears your system of things that tend to be inflammatory and gives you a good, solid ground to work from. Where Whole30 excels for me is that it also encourages us to really dig deep and attack those food relationships, discovering why we eat the way we do and helping us let go of the habits we want to see fall away.

You've got plenty of cheerleaders in these forums, so jump in and don't be afraid to post if you have questions or have issues and need a bit of help or encouragement!

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