Day 26 Exhausted/Bored

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Hello! I’m on day 26 and I am so tired! Dizzy tired. I am generally eating a diet that consists of broccoli, spinach, onion, garlic, chicken, skirt steak, some sort of fruit (apples, blueberries), almond butter...

And what is the notorious Salmon cake that the book Whole30 and Day by Day keep referring to? Haven’t had one this whole time! I remember eating a piece of salmon around day 17 and then feeling like a million bucks- I just feel ethically confused about Salmon consumption due to the plight of the Orcas... 

Did anyone else experience this?

thank you in advance!

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Not to mention the total lack of starchy vegetables... I think I'd probably fall over and faint without at least one serving per day of those, and I don't function great without 2-ish (I'm bipolar and have found that how much and when I eat them affects my mood balance quite heavily).

If you could give us a bit of an idea regarding actual portions you're eating, it'd give us more to go on and we might have better feedback... but just in a general sense based on the foods you listed, it doesn't at all sound like you're getting enough carbs or fat.

Regarding the salmon, no idea. I did skim through the Whole30 book but haven't read Day by Day, so don't recall the references made to salmon cakes. I also don't eat salmon on principle, but it's the principle of it being smelly and turning my stomach (not anything to do with ocean life, sorry).

All of that said, I think a certain amount of food exhaustion/boredom does set in at some point for most of us, though for me it didn't actually happen until about halfway through my rather extended reintroduction phase. My suggestion is to spice things up a bit, either by adding new foods (which I'd do anyway since ^ as noted above ^ some starchy veg is good for you) or by playing around with new sauces and marinades.

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Definitely try some new flavors, that usually helps! There are so many delicious Whole30 sauces you can make, most from a basic mayo base! Trying new seasonings also helps me when I get food boredom, because it definitely happens! Even just adding some fresh rosemary, basil, or cilantro to a dish helps:) I have also tried searching the produce section for veggies I've never had before to add some variety.......who knew purple cauliflower was so good??:)

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