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Feeling better after reintro than on round?

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OK, here's a question that might not get asked much... anyone felt BETTER after reintroing a food?

Context - Round 2 was nowhere near as good as round 1 for me. I slept great, but didn't have energy, still struggled to get out of bed, my bad knee(s) still hurt, I still had brain fog, and generally even getting out for a walk was a chore.

Yesterday I reintro'ed legumes. Peas at lunch, lentils and peas at dinner.

This morning - I bounced out of bed 15 minutes before my alarm, and vetoed the escalators to walk up 3 very large flights of stairs from the train station, I'm perky, clearheaded and awake.

What gives? Was I not getting enough carbs? Not enough food? Pure coincidence??

I do have enough time during this reintro to do 2 days on a food then 4 days off, so I'm going to have legumes again today and see how I feel tomorrow, but I wish I'd felt like this throughout the round!

Anyone got any insight?

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@SchrodingersCat This right here is part of why I believe in personalized Food Freedom. The foods we cut out for Whole30 aren't inherently evil, they're just known to cause inflammation in a lot of people and thus are a smart choice to remove temporarily for a reset... and it's possible for one body to thrive on a removed food while another body suffers from it greatly. Of course, it could just be that you took a little longer and the compliance in-between reintro days has been enough to jolt you forward. Either way, I'm thrilled that you're doing so well!

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