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I’m a singer and I can’t really get access to throat coat tea 24/7 plus it’s just a bit much for me to drink every other hour. I need a recommendation for throat lozenges to have throughout the day while I’m training for an upcoming performance. My singing teacher says it’s vital for the care and safety of my vocal chords... is there a least-bad or close-enough-to-compliant option out there? Does singing teacher rate up there with doctors in trumping whole30 guidelines? LOL

Any other singers doing whole30 and have tips for throat care on-the-go?

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Wow, this is a tough one! Here's the closest product I could find: However, it has Stevia and Isomalt (both sweeteners) as inactive ingredients. 

Perhaps you could try making your own? Most recipes call for honey but perhaps you could omit it? It might not taste good but it would perhaps be compliant! 

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doTERRA has a throat lozenge as well... neither theirs nor the Young Living one is something I'd recommend for use while singing, though, even beyond any concern regarding sweeteners.

If you can find a good Elderberry lozenge, that's what I'd suggest as a stop-gap if it's just general soreness. If you're coughing a lot (so it's getting constantly irritated), you might need to go ahead and swallow the idea of using a cough suppressant rather than just lozenges... whether there's sugar/sweetener involved or not. You definitely don't need to be shredding your vocal chords for the sake of staying on plan, especially during a time when you're actively practicing.

Sucking on ice and using hot tea in between times might also be helpful, though, so you won't need to have a lozenge in your mouth at every moment.

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