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Starting to see the sugar dragon is not invincible. Day 6.

Pedro Sierra

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Day 6, no sugar! That is a big deal for me. I have been able to go from 6 candy bars a day or secretly buying and eating cake frosting by itself or eating brown sugar out of the bag, to no sugar at all. My old behavior can be described as addiction. I can't see any other explanation. However, with the success I am having so far, I am starting to believe It will be possible to do this long term. I am not so foolish to believe that I will "get over" sugar. I do think that with good eating habits and continued inspection of my behavior and its causes, it will get easier.

I have been cooking more with coconut milk which is helping me stay full for much longer periods of time. That seems to help reduce the cravings. Not eliminate, reduce. There are still times when I just want chocolate. I feel like I'm arguing with a little kid about whether or not I'm going to buy a candy bar. "No one would know, I don't have to tell anyone." Thankfully I haven't fallen prey to my old behavior. It is a daily and sometimes hourly, struggle.

I heard about fat giving more satiety. I had read about it and thought I understood it. before starting the Whole 30, I ate a mostly paleo diet. I included extra virgin olive oil in almost every meal. I ate a whole avocado with almost every meal. I thought I was doing it right. With the help of friends who are doing this, I have tried some new recipes that often used coconut milk. Including these meals full of good fat really made a difference in how often I was actually hungry. More proof that this program works.

Looking forward to having the rest of my day be sugar free. Thank you all for your support, it has meant better habits and initial success with my fight against sugar. I wish you luck and success in your work with the Whole 30.

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The support is awesome! It's nice to know I'm not alone although the sugars I struggle with are the hidden ones. Who knew there was sugar in mango salsa?!? Not needed!!

Oh, and there are days when I would trade my son for a box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts!! Is that wrong?

I cannot wait for the sugar headaches to subside :) Thanks for the excellent testimony!

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