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Fresh orange juice based drinks, can I?


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Hello!  I am on the second now, everything seems to be fine!

I know that fresh orange juice is off the program for drinking, but I also saw some drinks recipies with juice in it.

So I made  a cocktail:

juice of two oranges + 10 oz of water and ice.

Is it not allowed on a program? (It was consumed during the meal not separately)


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The official answer is probably that this is fine, just going off of mocktails like this one (https://whole30.com/2015/03/whole30-lacroix/) that is apparently compliant despite being at least 1/3 juice. So as long as your juice wasn't more than about 5 oz, you'd be holding that ratio and I'd say (again, based on things like that link) that's probably fine.

However, the answer typically given in the forums tends to be to use a "splash" of juice compared to the rest of the drink, so I guess that would depend on what a "splash" is, in comparison/ratio to the rest of the drink. I personally never do drinks with that high of a fruit juice content, but that's because I struggle mightily with a sugar dragon that doesn't want to starve, so I've made the decision that any actual juice is limited... I do drink a good bit of fruity tea, though, and will sometimes do fruit-infused water.

I certainly don't have the last word on this one, but figured I'd offer a view from both sides that I've seen :) 

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