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Sunflower protein powder

Samantha Ribeiro

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hey @Samantha Ribeiro

I agree with what sugarcubeOD shared. While smoothies and protein powders are not recommended on Whole30 and strongly discouraged, it is not a hard fast rule. The biggest reason Whole30 encourages real food over drinking our food is that the process of chewing food instead of drinking it helps accomplish a greater level of satiation and keeps us connected to the concept of choosing to consume real whole foods as opposed to quick drinks, fast foods, and not nutrient dense options. 

The other issue with protein powders is the number of ingredients that are typically found in the ingredient list. After looking into the Sunflower protein powder options, I only found a couple that were pure sunflower seed protein. All the others had quinoa, pea protein, coconut sugars, and monk fruit extract among other things which are all off limits while on a Whole30. It is simply better to rely on whole sources of protein over powders. 

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