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Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck

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Congratulations we made it to day 31!!! We all rock!! I lost 2 inches off almost every part I measured and thank God I did that as my weight loss is not to important to me. (8lbs) I will do at least another 30 days without reintroduction. 2 inches off a thigh is a lot of fat! I have gone down 1 whole size in 30 days!! I can’t introduce sugar because I still have cravings. I really want to read it starts with food but haven’t been able to go get it yet. I wonder if I can start to read it online? 

I am proud of myself for this what feels like a first big baby step to living healthy! 

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I finished my Whole30 yesterday.  Awesome job everyone!!  I know this is a tough thing but it's totally worth it!!

I weighed and measured with my trainer yesterday at the gym but I didn't look at the results yet.  I'm trying to stay focused on eating good food and maintaining healthy habits and I don't want how much weight I did/didn't loose to impact that.  I'm just WAY to emotional around what the number on the scale says.

@Laura of The Great White North thanks for sharing your first reintroduction!  Isn't it crazy how your taste buds can change in just 30 days?  I've experienced it too where sweet things are way too sweet after a whole 30.  Don't know what it says about me but the first thing I'm introducing tonight is a nice scotch :)  

I've always done the Fast Track Reintroduction on my prior Whole30's and learned a TON!  It's definitely worth doing!!  This time I'm going to go with the Slow Roll Reintroduction.  I need to keep focusing on habits and practicing my Food Freedom Forever.  I really want to examine that question of 'Is it WORTH it' when eating something I know isn't the best for me.  Oh, and @KaraS  I'd definitely start reading Food Freedom Forever.  I have it in e-book format and it's great!  The first few chapters you can skip through because they cover the Whole30 program and other elimination diets.  Then it gets into the tips and tricks of how to keep this lifestyle going.

So, like I said, I don't know about weight or inches lost but here's some of the awesome things I've gotten out of this Whole30 round...

  • More energy and consistent energy
  • Enhanced focus
  • Better mood...I'm downright happier
  • Mental clarity
  • I'm more 'present'...I'm just more aware of the things around me, how I'm feeling, just 'in touch' with things
  • Emotionally stable - setback's don't rock me as much
  • More motivation
  • More self-confidence
  • No heartburn/indigestion
  • Better athletic performance - I still need to get more cardio in but I have more energy and am pushing heavier weights at the gym
  • Less soreness and inflammation
  • Less bloating
  • Looser clothing
  • My face looks slimmer
  • Better complexion
  • Reduced ketosis pilaris (that's the red bumpy 'chicken skin'...I get it on my upper arms and it's annoying)
  • aaaaand a bunch of other stuff I'm probably forgetting.

Anybody else have some NSVs to share? 

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