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Hi Selma!

so excited for you and your first whole30! here are a few things to remember heading in.

trust the program and process. it works. be patient with yourself and show yourself grace. most people begin to feel tiger blood and non scale victory results in abundance heading into the third week. some take longer. so know your journey will be specific to you just stay compliant throughout.

focus on all the gains, not on what you're going without. non scale victories are gains, staying committed to your commitment to eating real whole nutrient rich foods is a gain, getting to the end of each day having stayed compliant is a gain! 

Remember we're not after perfect Whole30 journeys, we're after staying committed and compliant. 

you may need to boss your brain a bit. our brains are really great at trying to convince us to give it what it wants. past habits are deeply engrained in our thoughts and emotions so know there MIGHT be days where you simply need to tell your brain no and strengthen that commitment muscle. 

jump on the whole30 website for lots of great tips, articles, and recipes! https://whole30.com


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I hope this is encouraging.  I did my first Whole 30 over two years ago now, and I basically just eat Whole 30 95% of the time.  Why?  Because of the amazing health benefits I experienced.  I was 55 and obese when I started, so my results are probably not typical.  But:

  • I went from pre-diabetic (and a busy Kaiser doctor e-mailing me personally to let me know how serious it was) to completely normal blood sugar
  • I lowered my blood pressure whilst getting off of meds for it
  • My triglycerides dropped 3x
  • My severely arthritic ankle that was so painful I could not run cleared up so that I can run at will
  • I lost 40lbs without increasing exercise or ever feeling hungry
  • Mild lifelong eczema disappeared
  • I kicked my significant diet soda habit
  • I learned to love vegetables
  • I rejuvenated my enjoyment of cooking
  • Modest improvements in sleep and mood (anxiety and depression improved)

I've maintained these gains for two years now.  I am among the biggest Whole 30 cheerleaders there is, and I do not work for them or get paid in any way.  It just truly did change my life.

I've gotten pretty comfortable with eating "mostly" Whole 30 all the time, so feel free to ask any questions.  Two things - I cannot emphasize enough to read EVERY label.  I was shocked at some of the things that have sugar in them.  And try to frame it in your mind about what you GET to eat, not what you can't eat.  I've had people over for dinner for Whole 30 compliant meals tell me I should open a restaurant.  With EVOO, ghee, and pretty much every spice on the planet in play, it is possible to eat delicious and compliant food.  But it does take work :) (see "rejuvenated enjoyment of cooking" comment above)

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