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Day 26 plexus pain bloating. Ate soya by accident

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Im on Day 26 and I accendtly ate soy sprouts. 

Since the begining I have some bloating trouble. Probably because I was eating too much nuts. I stopped nuts. 

At today's lunch I ate a salad and it is only at the end of the meal that I realized that there was soy sprouts in it. 

Since this meal, I feel terribly bloated, plus a strange pain, like a gas stuck in my plexus. 

I usually eat at breakfast 2 eggs or tuna, cucumber or carrot, with a fruit. 

Pre-workout : pretty much the same but less

Lunch: zucchini or eggplant with olive oil, meat like chicken or pork or beef, yams or sweet potatoes or butternut 

Dinner : pretty much the same, depending on leftovers. 

1: do I have to start over so closed to the goal. Can I just jump into the reintroduction part? 

2: why so much bloating? 

3:Does that mean that soy are bad for me? 

Thanks for the help! 

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If what you had was just the sprouts, not the actual bean, you're probably okay, as far as whole30 rules go. The issue is with the bean part, not the sprout part.

However, since you seem to have had an adverse reaction, you probably want to avoid them for a while and maybe do a reintro for them to double check that that's what caused your reaction. 

Go back to whole30 eating at least until the end of your 30 days. How long ago did you stop eating nuts? It can take a couple of days for bloating to clear up, so if you just stopped having them, it might be that you see changes soon. 

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