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I am on Day 24 today, and have been experiencing some intense cravings. I attribute it to eating a medjool date with almond butter as a snack to hold me over last Wednesday. Since then, I've been craving dried fruit and fruits. I've been giving into the cravings, which has been disappointing at times, since I know the dangers of fruit, etc....but I'm finding it very challenging to battle these cravings. It seems that if I allow myself any fruit or dried fruit, my mind/body just want more, more more! This makes me really nervous about reintroduction and wondering whether or not the elimination process of Whole30 can produce these types of cravings? Any recommendations?

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A starving sugar dragon will crave, crave, crave... until you give in or it gives up and goes to sleep. Getting it to the sleeping point can be very difficult, though, especially if you've already been giving in to the cravings.

My suggestion would be to start with asking yourself if you're actually hungry.
If yes, then ask again, focusing on whether or not you'd still want to eat if the only food available was something not at all sweet and maybe even not your favorite "real foods". If the answer is still yes, wait 5 or 10 minutes and assess that one more time.

Then, if you feel like you really do need to eat, skip those nuts and dried fruits entirely. Go for something "slightly sweet" (like baked sweet potato or roasted butternut cubes) or slide right past those and smack your craving senseless with a dose of savory and/or umami. The most important part for me was always to skip the stuff I felt like I really wanted -- so if I craved fruit, I'd grab veggies (roasted carrots actually work really well for me) and pair them up with a homemade sausage or tiny burger.

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

I agree with Jihanna's advice! If you have been able to identify that your cravings picked up because of the date almond butter from a week ago, then I would consider eliminating fruit and nuts/nut butters altogether for at least the remainder of your Whole30 elimination and reintroduction phases. Sugar is sugar is sugar to the body/brain, so if you've been allowing yourself to continue relying on the dried fruit/nuts to get you through those sweet tooth cravings throughout the first 24 days of your Whole30, then it's like you never really gave it up as far as your sugar dragon is concerned. You're so close to the end of your elimination phase and have put in so much work already, it would be a bummer to get to the end and feel like you have a raging sugar dragon you can't control. Best of luck! Finish strong!

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