Started June 26-- Day 14!

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Congratulations! I always like to remember that I am ___ many days healthier than I would have been and you've got a Whole30 under your belt which is an entire month of healthier eating!  I like the Food Freedom book. I read parts, but still want to read all. It has some nice balanced comments about eating so that the world doesn't have to be either On or Off Whole30 which is how I tend to think. Instead it's about lots of choices and finding out what that looks like for you will be a long process. Well, maybe. It's a long process for me :) I was able to maintain healthy eating for the most part if I avoided pastas and processed foods. I'd still have beer and sushi and didn't seem to go overboard, but then ultimately I did and then I returned to Whole30 and then found my balance again and again and again :) It's a process and now you've done it the first time which is HUGE! Have a wonderful time at the University - it's a super excited time of life.

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