What can I add to my coffee?

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57 minutes ago, mbo05b said:

What are some options to add to my coffee?

Coconut milk, almond (or another nut milk), Nutpods Creamer (a almond/coconut milk based creamer that you can look for locally or order online), and Califia Unsweetened Better Half are all good choices.  Basically anything you like that is compliant.  Just make sure to always check your labels.

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I skip the creamer and instead spice up my brew. For each pot, I use about 2:1 ratio of coffee to cacao, then add a few shakes of cinnamon prior to brewing so it infuses the whole pot. The cacao I use is Crio Bru, which is 100% cacao that's roasted and ground so it brews like coffee. It tastes good to me this way, so I don't miss the creamer and sugar at all... I haven't even added them back in after my Whole30 because I've grown to really enjoy the coffee itself without the syrupy/sugary nonsense I used to always add to it.

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17 hours ago, mbo05b said:

Thank you!


I am a BIG fan of Nutpods. They come in several different flavors, and froth up beautifully. My favorites right now are their Cinnamon Swirl (it just relaunched the other day) and my classic go-to is their French Vanilla :)

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11 hours ago, RajinderSingh said:

You can add butter, Cacao butter, Collagen powder, Honey, Ice

You cannot add butter as dairy is off limits... if you meant Ghee which is clarified butter (with the dairy solids removed) then that would be fine.

You've also listed honey - maybe take another quick read through the rules to make sure you're fully aware of what is and is not allowed on the program.

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