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Candida Questions

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I’m day 9 on whole 30 and I started already knowing I have candida overgrowth. I have been eating according to the meal template including sweet potato and in emergencies a compliant Lara bar like last night when I was up till 3 am getting my granddaughter from the airport. My questions. 

Should I stay away from natural sweet things to help kill candida, or will it not affect it?

Im having some die off symptoms and wondering how long they will last and if there is anything I can do to make it a little more comfortable but not make it worse. I’m also drinking a ton of water and taking a probiotic. I also am taking aloe pill about every other day as was recommended by my natural path Dr .

Yes I was eating a lot of sugar before. So I am somewhat prepared to feel bad but also struggling. 

Thank you for any help/ support in advance . 


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Candida is tricky, and while Whole30 cuts out a number of foods that can contribute toward its growth, there are also a number of compliant foods that really should be avoided while Candida is an issue.

Dried fruit and fruit juices are high in sugar and feed Candida, regardless of any positive effects they might also have. While Candida's an issue, it's suggested that you remove these from your diet (which means skipping emergency snacks like Larabars). Instead, enjoy fresh fruit (but try to limit that to about a cup per day).

Starchy veggies (like sweet potatoes, acorn squash, even spaghetti squash) get broken down into sugars that feed Candida, also. Although W30 does suggest a fist-sized serving of starchy vegetable every day, I'd personally try to limit it to that or maybe half that while you're battling this. It might not be possible to reduce it much or any (I know I'm an absolute bear and don't sleep well if I reduce mine), but it's worth checking to see if that's an option for you.

Mushrooms (and other fungi) can actually be confused with Candida by the body and immune system, which can cause you to have a reaction (inflammation) to mushrooms that interferes with treatment.

Fermented foods are another thing that are suggested (by Dr. Amy Myers) for avoidance during a Candida battle. The reason is that Candida can feed off the fermented foods. Dr. Myers suggests getting the yeast population under control first, and then using fermented foods to help restore good bacteria in the gut.

There are some foods that are helpful in fighting Candida overgrowth, also. These include coconut oil, garlic, apple cider vinegar, cruciferous veggies, ginger, olive oil, cloves, cinnamon, wild salmon, and lemon juice. Luckily, ALL of those can be used during W30! :) 

Here's the Dr. Myers page I used as reference, though the suggestions she gives are echoed on numerous pages where I've looked for info and suggestions regarding Candida -- https://www.amymyersmd.com/2016/07/9-foods-to-avoid-if-you-have-candida/

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Wow thank you so much for this information! I have been stressing trying to find answers and apparently getting conflicting information from my research. So I really appreciate this. One last question. Do you think that these changes can work without doing medication like anti fungi? I want to cure my gut through nutrition, I’m just not sure if I can.  

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In a very general sense, yes it's possible to heal our bodies without medication. HOWEVER -- and this is a HUGE caveat -- every body is different, every situation is different, and that makes it impossible for any of us to say with certainty that you can kick it without medications.

That said, I truly believe that dietary changes are the very best "first step" if medication isn't already being used... and I believe they're the best method of helping us to bring about lasting changes in health.

My suggestion would be to talk with your primary doctor about your concerns, stressing that you'd like to be able to address dietary changes before considering a medication, and then keep a log of what you eat, when it's eaten, and any symptoms you experience (when, severity, etc.) so you're able to keep your doctor updated regarding your progress. If you get enough relief throughout the Whole30 but feel it's still not fully under control, it might be worth discussing an Anti-Candida Diet (or Cleanse) with your doctor.

Remember, too, that if you do find that medication might be necessary, that's not a failure... it's just a way of kick-starting your systems so your dietary changes are able to have better lasting effects.

Hope that helps :) 

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