Josh Bollam

Cast Iron Pan - Used to Rub Down with Vegetable Oil

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Hi Everyone,

I'm on day 8 of my first whole30.   I loved cooking on my cast iron pans before the whole30 but have been hesitant to use them because I rubbed them down with vegetable (soybean) oil after every use before I started whole30.   My understanding is that when the pan is heated that the oil will soak into the pan to create a non-stick skillet but I'm curious if it will cook into my food too.   Any thoughts on this?  Thanks in advance!

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I second Shannon on this one. I wouldn't sweat over what's been used previously, but pick an oil to use during Whole30 that will work well going forward. Personally, I started using olive oil on mine, and I haven't changed that even when we don't have anyone doing a round in the house... of course, I also stopped keeping the other oils in the house altogether, so that could have something to do with it! :D

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